Come on Down to Camp Garrett®!

“It is a happy talent to know how to play.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

Earlier this month, my Garrett® colleagues and I had the pleasure of hosting Camp Garrett® at The Angel Family Health Center of the Infant Welfare Society of Chicago.

We arrived early, and we quickly unpacked paints, Elmer’s Glue, popsicle sticks, balloons, Easter eggs, stickers, tulips, pipe cleaners, Garrett Popcorn Tins, marbles, confetti and, of course, Garrett Mix®.  As we organized the arts and crafts area, we watched young noses eagerly press against the front door’s sidelight.  Based upon the number of noses, we knew that we were in for a fun, energetic and crafty afternoon.

Wally the Bear oversees the Camp Garrett festivities

The Creative Team at Garrett® equipped our campsite with a campfire (complete with marshmallows for “roasting”), rustic directional signage, Pin the Kernel on the Happy Camper game and the afternoon’s mascot, Wally the Bear.  For an afternoon, we were no longer in a vibrant Chicago neighborhood.  Rather, we had been transported to Camp Garrett®, where sharing and inspiring Handcrafted Happiness™ was our goal.

Pin the Kernel on the Happy Campers was a hit!

We welcomed to Camp Garrett® more than 50 young family members who were visiting The Angel Family Health Center to receive barrier-free access to multi-service healthcare.  Children of all ages played games under Anthony’s (Garrett Brands’ Vice President and Creative Director) watchful eye while others created Mother’s Day presents and refrigerator-worthy works of art.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I’m not sure who had more on this sunny Friday afternoon: my Garrett Popcorn teammates and I, the staff and volunteers from Infant Welfare Society, or the visitors to Camp Garrett®.  I do know, however, that the sun set too quickly on our adventure.

You know what we always say – Love Is Messy™!

As we were packing up Camp, I overheard one young camper say to her mom, “This is the best place ever.  I think we should come here next year.”

All good campers leave their campsites in better condition than how they found them, and all good companies strive to leave their communities in a better condition as well.  I am proud to share that this is Garrett Cares’™ third year supporting The Angel Family Health Center of the Infant Welfare Society of Chicago.  From April 28th until May 21st, 2017, in our domestic Shops and online, Garrett® will donate 10% of the sales of our Signature Pink and Spring Tins and Spring Collection Gift Boxes and Bundles, up to $20,000, to Chicago’s Infant Welfare Society.

Scott Schroeder, Chief Brand Officer

Watch the entire Camp Garrett® video below:

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