Dec 142011

Cascades of wishing clouds dangle over holiday shoppers as part of IFC Mall’s “Where Dreams Come True.”  The clouds are filled with wishes collected from the public, and IFC Mall will grant one wish out of the thousands at the end of the exhibit. If your wish is not already part of the decorations, ask the ice-skating Santa Claus to hang your wish on the Christmas tree. Make your dreams sparkle with IFC Mall’s festive cheer through 1 January 2012.

If you find yourself wishing for something delicious, sweet dreams of CaramelCrisp™ and Nut Caramels come true at Garrett Popcorn Shops®. Head over to the Shop to satisfy your sweet tooth or try Chicago Mix®, a blend of savory CheeseCorn and CaramelCrisp. Enjoy the combination of freshly made gourmet popcorn with the wishes of good fortune floating overhead. Happy holidays!

Garrett Popcorn Shops® – IFC Mall
IFC Mall Shop 1050
Podium Level 1
8 Finance Street

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