Jan 182012

Congratulations to Susan Benson, the winner of the Popcorn Picks Giveaway! She is the lucky recipient of a 1-gallon tin from Garrett Popcorn Shops®, the perfect accompaniment to the movie awards season!

Check out what #PopcornPicks fans are saying!

  • @freedms: @GarrettPopcorn is the BEST. Hard to pick my favorite.#PopcornPicks
  • @jamescallahan: @GarrettPopcorn – my #PopcornPicks is the Chicago Combo, classic and always a treat!
  • Denise: “Everytime I go downtown Chicago, it’s a must that I stop in Garrett’s Popcorn for “The Chicago Mix”! It’s almost like a craving! LIVE, LAUGH, LOVE, & GARRETT’S POPCORN!”
  • Sandy: “My family and I like the Chicago mix w/ equal amounts of cheese and caramel corn of course. Any Garrett’s popcorn is the filet mignon of popcorn. Size, taste and texture, perfection…”
  • Scott: “20 years after leaving Chicago, I still get cravings for Garrett’s Caramel Crisp. Anything else is an impostor.”

Thanks to everyone who participated in predictions with Popcorn Picks. The awards season has only started. What’s next?

  2 Responses to “Winner of Popcorn Picks Giveaway”

  1. Thanks for picking me as the winner of Popcorn Pick. First thing I did was call my neighbors who are from Chicago….they are sooooo jealous!! I did promise I’d share a little.
    Please note little :-)

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