Feb 202012

Predicting winners is one thing, but what about fashion? As the big night approaches, Popcorn Picks wants to know, which tin design tops your best-dressed list?

Enter the Popcorn Picks Red Carpet Giveaway for a chance to upgrade movie night to a gourmet popcorn-movie night! Two lucky winners will be randomly chosen to win a $50 Garrett Popcorn Shops® e-certificate and 10 promo codes for one-day DVD rentals from Redbox®.  Enter the giveaway by posting a reply with your answer on this blog post. For a second entry, send a Tweet to @GarrettPopcorn with the hashtag #PopcornPicks in the message.

Winners will be chosen by a random number generator on 02/27/2012 12 pm CST and announced on 02/29/2012. No purchase necessary to win. See official rules here.

This sweepstakes is sponsored solely by Garrett Brands LLC, P.O. Box 11342, Chicago, Illinois, 60611. Redbox® is a registered trademark of Redbox Automated Retail, LLC and is used with permission.

  644 Responses to “Enter the Popcorn Picks Red Carpet Giveaway”

  1. I’ll always be a fan of the original can.

    • I have to go with ORIGINAL. Just the sight of that blue can can make an enlightened individual start drooling….

      • I’m loving the new silver/gold striped tin!

      • The original dark blue and light blue tin is the best. I’ve traveled to a lot of different cities and countries and sometime brought Garrett’s Popcorn with me. Without fail, someone will stop me and ask, where did I get the Garrett’s Popcorn. They know it’s Garrett’s by the original blue tin!

    • I like the pink tin! It’s bright, fun and looks yummy. Plus I got it for my honey for St. Valentine’s Day a few years back & so I’m partial to it.


    • Since I must choose….SIGNATURE BLUE. But….you can’t go wrong with any of ’em!

    • orignal cheeesssssssssssssssssssssssssssseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    • Gold and silver for the big night Glamour!

      • I vote for the Original Can. In this day and new age, it is nice to think some things don’t change and the original can states just that. Old world tradition and flavor. Garrett is unsurpassed in it’s products. Just ordered a 6.5 gal tin of the original carmel crisp. Tradition yes and flavor unbelievably good.

      • My thoughts exactly !!!!! The gold and silver appear to be so elegant. Just right for a night on the Red Carpet

    • It isn’t what is on the outside, it’s what’s on the inside that counts…but if I had to pick a favorite tin, it would have to be the Original Blue.

    • The Original Blue matches the classic, retro look of the season. Updated with the freshness of the yellow and brown of the Chicago Mix, it’s the best of both worlds!

      • I totally fell in love with the Chicago Mix!!! I was in Chicago last year and that was the first place I had to go after landing. I’ve heard so much about Garrett’s popcorn. I totally fell in love with the Chicago Mix!!!, but its the pink tin that truly inspires me!

    • I always order the original blue tin as well! Classic …

    • Can’t beat the taste! Original can is the Classic one!

    • Chicago Skyline with the cheese popcorn. It’s a beautiful design and the best popcorn ever!
      I’ve had the pleasure of visiting Chicago twice now and fell in love with the city. I only wish I lived there so I could enjoy Garrets Popcorn on a regular basis.
      Looking forward to the Academy Awards out here in Los Angeles.

    • I love the holiday inspired tins!!

    • LOVE The original tin, but really , any old tin will do, as long as it’s filled with Cheese/Caramel. Heaven in a tin!

    • Chicago Mix!

    • I like the Chicago mix with the Chicago skyline tin since Chicago is the original city for the popcorn.

    • Love the original…very classic..like Chicago!

    • Has to be the Chicago Skyline tin! We send Garret Popcorn Mix to friends and family in Germany and they absolutely love the popcorn and have a beautiful tin to boot!


    • I love the pink can, it help support breast cancer awareness; WAY TO GO PINK TIN!

    • I have to pick the new silver and gold tin. My favorite Chicago Mix is going to look great in that new tin. I have different tins around my house storing anything from crafts to coins. I think the new tin would make a great planter when I finish my popcorn.

    • I love the Silver and Gold tin. It shows how elegant popcorn can be!!!

    • I love the classic original tin; it’s timeless.

    • My favorite is the Pink on Pink :)

    • The pink tin and a friend from Chicago introduced me to the Chicago mix and I was adicted at first bite!

    • Absolutely the blue with the Garrett name and the Chicago tradition. I’ve been going to Garretts since I can remember. My mom would take us and I always got the Chicago mix! I’ve stood in line for an hour in the dead of winter to get my fix! Now that’s loyalty!

    • I’m going with the Simpson’s tin! What’s better than eating Garrett’s cheesecorn and watching Homer?


    • I have people from Chigao sending me popcorn all the time ,my siter and I love the caramel and cheese mix,, It the greatest and freshess popcorn , I taste you got me hook, the can is Oprah,, and Chicago can.

    • Chicago Mix with the cold and silver tin is a timeless classic look for both men and women. Great for birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, or better yet how about an awesome marriage proposel…open up the tin and there is a ring on top!…I could go on and on…


    • Still love the Garret Signature…..it still makes me happy to see it knowing all that popped goodnes is inside.

    • Original is my vote!

    • My favorite tin would be Wrigley Field! Baseball and Popcorn go hand and hand!

    • I like the pink container.

    • The Original Blue Tin filled with Chicago Mix!!!!!

    • The original tin filled with chicago mix!

    • I love the Chicago skyline, I have just ordered the Simpson edition.

    • chicago skyline

    • Original no question

    • I love all of them,, great to keep around and use for other things

    • I love the original blue tin, packed to the brim with Chicago mix – yum!

    • My favorite tin is the one with the snowflakes – no wait – I like the silver and gold one better – oh, no – my absolute favorite is the blue one – but, the one I like the best for reel (movie reference) is -drum roll please – the bag that can just reach into and start munchin’ – cue the orchestra.

    • Enter Popcorn Picks Red Carpet Giveaway

      My favorite tin design is the Signature Chicago Skyline


    • I like the original tin! Even if I did not see Garretts on the tin I would associate the design with Garrett’s popcorn :)

    • The Pink Can all the way…. of course, filled with the Chicago Mix….. yummmmm

    • I LOVE the original can.

    • Love the new Simpson’s commemorative!

    • I simply love the Chicago Skyline, how can you not! That skyline is awesome and especially because I can look at while enjoying my favorite popcorn the Chicago Mix! There is none other and never will be! I ship it direct to me and I really enjoy it. There is none other, just none other!

    • I love the celebration tin, life is a celebration and eating Garrett’s popcorn is part of that celebration!

    • I love the pink tin!

    • I have to stick with the tried and true original….although the Simpsons 500th episode tin is pretty cool, too! :)

    • I love the white sox tin can.

    • original or new silver and gold.

    • The Signature Chicago Skyline is my favorite.

    • I love the Chicago mix!!!!

    • my vote is for the original blue tin–a tried and true winner.

    • I really like all the TINS however the BLUE TIN stands out the most…….

  2. Wow how awesome! I can’t wait for Oscar night!

  3. Versace will win

  4. I love the Signature Chicago Skyline tin design!!! Perfect for the occasion!

  5. Garrett’s is the best. Always get the Chicago Mix. I’ve noticed that in recent years, my fingers don’t get as yellow as they used to. They must’ve changed something in the recipe for the cheese corn. Still wonderful!

  6. The Simpsons 500th episode tin…..hands down!

  7. I prefer to keep it simple. The Blue Signature Tin can’t be beat!

  8. My favorite tin is the Signature Blue. It represents all the goodness inside! Although the Wrigley Field Tin is pretty nice too!

  9. I love the Chicago skyline tin!!

  10. Signature Celebrate

  11. Garrett Signature Celebrate ~ Perfect for any celebration including Oscar Night!

  12. The Signature Pink is my fav. But the Signature Chicago is perfect to give The Mix in!

  13. Love the Simpsons for the 500th episode wins for me!! =)

  14. The Celebration tin is my favorite one. Its so bright and cheerful . Just like Garretts pop corn Chicago makes you feel. Love it.

  15. I think the chicago skyline is the best. It represents the home of Garrets and plus I miss Chicago.

  16. My favorite was the retro red and gold Christmas ornament tin. However, once I receive my new order in the Simpson tin and see it in person, I may just change my mind!!

  17. Garrett’s is the winner!

  18. The Garrett Signature Celebrate tin!

  19. The Chicago skyline…reminds me of home.

  20. I LOVE the Pink Can… Bc really, who doesn’t love pink? LOL And the original can is classic too…can’t go wrong there :)

  21. Chicago skyline rocks

  22. Always original!

  23. The Chicago Skyline is the best reminder of Garrett’s. It is where I was first introduced to my favorite caramelcrisp.

    Go Garrett’s!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. I love the chicago mix!

  25. like the simpsons 500th episode tin

  26. I love the Blue Signature Tin!

  27. Love the Chicago Wrigley Field tin! Go Cubs :)

  28. There is nothing like the original, infamous Garrett Signature tin!!

  29. Chicago signature can should win!

  30. I love the original blue stripe of the Garrett Signature Blue – because when I see it I immediately know it’s got Garrett’s Popcor inside!

  31. New York skyline.

  32. Chicago Mix…yum!

  33. The original Garrett Signature tin.

  34. Sorry I missed out on the Oprah’s Favorite Things tin last Christmas!

  35. I like the blue holiday tin with the snowflakes. So festive!

  36. Love the special edition Simpsons tin. Two of my favorite things!

  37. I don’t care which tin the popcorn comes in as long as it’s the biggest! But, I’d settle for a Comiskey Park tin too. :)

  38. Chicago mix is always a must when traveling thru O’hare

  39. The Wrigley tin!

  40. i love the Garrett Signature Chicago Skyline tin!

  41. Love the Chicago Mix..Looking forward too trying the spicy one

  42. I like the Celebrate tin. So festive!


  44. I like either the original tin or the Chicago skyline tin. I was born and raised in Chicago and miss it terribly now that I got relocated for work, so seeing the skyline tin is nice.

  45. Chicago skyline tin with Chicago mix!!! yum!

  46. I love the Chicago Skyline or the Wrigley Field tins…

  47. The signature blue can. Though the pink one is nice also….wait, the blue stripped is nice; then again, the orange one is cute….darn, too many cans in my kitchen….

  48. Oprahs Favorite Things Tin is the best…

  49. Im gonna stay with the Chicago Sky line.

  50. I do like the Simpsons tin ( big Simpsons fan here).

  51. I love Garrett’s popcorn in any tin, but as a Cub fan Wrigley is my pick.

  52. Love your popcorn.. It’s so yummy and fresh!!

  53. I like the Chicago Mix the best

  54. love the signature silver & gold tins! This would be perfect for my parents 25th anniversary!

  55. Simpsons for the 500th episode

  56. The Garret Signature Chicago Skyline tin is my favorite! I love your popcorn thanks to my friend, Vickie Jones! She brought it to KC, and I moved away. I think we ought to introduce Garrett’s to Springfield, Missouri, where I live now. I can share it with my boyfriend (husband), his office, with my girlfriends, BF class, etc. I hope I win! Please pick me!

  57. Have to go with the Simpson’s tin as our family is a huge fan. My son is rooting for 500 more episodes.

  58. The Garret Signature Chicago Skyline tin is my favorite! I love your popcorn thanks to my friend, Vickie Jones!

  59. Chicago Skyline!
    sellcrystal2 (at) yahoo dot com

  60. I like the wrigley field tin!

  61. Chicago Tin and Chicago Mix!

  62. The best for a celebration like the Oscars is the Garrett Celebration tin. It’s festive and lively!

  63. My fave is the The Simpsons 500th Episode tin!

  64. I Love GARRETT Popcorn! My favorite tin is the New York Skyline. (I’m originally from NY).

  65. Always love the Chicago skyline, its a classic.

  66. The original tin.

  67. I really like the signature snowflake tin-they’re ONLY snowflakes I’m excited to see!

  68. I love the blue signature tin. Old school baby!!

  69. As a breast cancer survivor, I’m partial to the pink can~~~but have a wide variety of others as well!!

  70. Chicago Skyline is my favorite…. as long as it’s filled with Chicago Mix too!

  71. I love the original tin!

  72. The Chicago Skyline is my FAV!

  73. Chicago skyline filled with cheese popcorn.

  74. I LOVE Garrett’s!!!!! And the Chicage skyline is the best design ever. Especially filled with the Chicago Mix!!!!!!

  75. The Signature tin is an all time favorite!!!

  76. Any can as long as it has Garrett’s popcorn in it!

  77. The Signature Celebrate tin is perfect for ANY occasion…birthdays, congratulatory, winning, . . . ANYTHING!!!!!

  78. I love the triggering Pink, which tells me that something good is coming my way:)

  79. Signature tin is the best filled with 3 flavors of popcorn so I can mix and match!!

  80. The Oprah commemorative tin was outstanding and the colors were as elegant and awesome as the Red Carpet.

  81. Comisky Park Tin is my fav!

  82. I am a fan of the original tin only because I love Chicago and all that it stands for. I am across the coast and everytime I order the mix, I call my fellow Chicagoans to come join in on the fun.

  83. Love the signature blue tin!

  84. Love the CLASSIC blue stripe. My mouth starts watering the second I see it, because at our house, it will be filled with cheese and regular!!

  85. Garrett’s Signature Silver & Gold tin is dressed to impress! Perfect for the classy, Oscar’s occasion!

  86. The retro Chicago Cubs tin!!!

  87. Garrett Signature Celebration…appropriate for the big event!

  88. My choice would be the gold tin with Chicago mix and
    some spicy popcorn…yummy!

  89. I liked the Oprah tin best…it’s something about that ruby red tin that just made me want it, I have almost every tin created even the new simpson tin…need five more to complete my collection

  90. The pink tin is my favorite filled with the Chicago Mix! Yummy!

  91. I don’t think that it gets any better than the original blue signature can. But no matter what the tin, it doesn’t get any better than the Garrett popcorn that is inside!

  92. I love the Chicago Skyline. Reminds me of being in Chicago and first tasting Garrett popcorn products. Nothing at home here in Cleveland – or anywhere else I have been compares! I think I need to order some RIGHT NOW!

  93. Though from Milwaukee, Chicago Skyline is the best….filled with the great Garretts caramel and pecan mix.

  94. The unanimous WINNER is the 2 Gallon Garrett Signature Blue tin with the Chicago Mix inside!!! YUMMO!!!

  95. DOH! I love the Simpsons tin so!

  96. I like the silver one! Wish we had a Garrett’s in VA.

  97. The Chicago mix is my favorite. The cheesy taste combined with the sweet carmel taste is amazingly awesome! I love it.

  98. I’ll always be a fan of the original can!! Love Love It!!

  99. The original blue tin with the Chicago mix is the way to go. Just the site of the blue tin lets you know you’re in for a treat. I have to order mine online now and have it shipped to me since I don’t live in Chicago anymore but it’s so worth it.

  100. I like the Celebration tin… great for any occasion.

  101. The Chicago Skyline filled with the Chicago mix is my pick!

  102. Blue Classic Signature – it’s timeless and classic!

  103. The very best can is the Chicago skyline can. It’s where the delicious popcorn is made and everyone should know it. Oh yeah great placement is Shameless.

  104. I love the Pink Signature can !! A reminder of breast cancer awareness !! Love your Chicago mix !!

  105. The best tin is the one with the Chicago Skyline on it =) Love it!

  106. It would have to be the Original Can. Something about those blue stripes makes your mouth water.

  107. Signature Pink to show it’s mine all mine.

  108. My vote is for the Simpsons 500th episode tin. MMMMMM….Chicago mix popcorn! Make Chicago native Joe Mantegna & his Simpsons character Fat Tony proud!

  109. I like the original Garretts popcorn Tin with Cheese & Carmel, It would be nice if we had a Garretts Popcorn in Ohio

  110. I love the Chicago skyline tin…….but especially what is inside of it!!!

  111. The Celebration Tin is a must win!!!

  112. Like the blue tin filled with the Chicago mix the best.

  113. The orginal will always be nice and so will the pink but I’ll have to go with the new silver and gold tin. It’s a change and adds a little “pop” to the red carpet.. :-)

  114. Nothing better in this world to snack on the chicago mix in the silver and gold can its fits in very well with the oscars

  115. Born/raised Chicago,IL. Mom intro me to Garrett’s in 1949 (over 50 yrs.). I always go with the original and straight caramel crisp.

  116. I love your Chicago Skyline Tin. I never lived in Chicago, but often travel there for work and I always stop by Garretts. The Skyline Tin which I have sent to many family members as gifts, gives me memories of the times I have spent in Chicago. I always have had wonderful experiences during my visits.

  117. The classic Chicago skyline for that classic and delicious Chicago style taste!

  118. I’m a fan of the snowflakes tin. I love the feeling of Christmas all year round!

  119. The ‘Original’, of course!

  120. Chicago skyline FILLED with CHICAGO mix is the only way to go!

  121. The original tin with the Chicago mix will always be my favorite! I love Garrett popcorn!

  122. I’ll never forget my first time, me+cheesy corn=love…with the original tin of course!

  123. Chicago Skyline tin is my pick!

  124. Love the Chicago Skyline the best!! But I do have quite a collection including the blue original and pink striped! Garretts is the ‘go to’ best gift given for all special occasions in our family!

  125. The Chicago Skyline Tin is my favorite by far!!! Thank you for making such wonderful goodies!

  126. Love the Chicago Skyline….filled with the Chicago Mix

  127. Vote Obama 2008 is the favorite can in my collection filled w/ Cheese and Pecan Carmelcrisp.

  128. PINK. I lost my sister to breast cancer 11 years ago, and she loved popcorn even more than I did. I think she would have loved the can.

  129. I like the Christmas Red and Green Tin with the Chicago Mix! Yummy :o)

  130. I have to say that there’s nothing better than opening a box and pulling out that signature blue tin…and nothing sadder than seeing the shiny bottom of it.

  131. The Original Blue is a classic, retro favorite. Along with the freshness from the yellow/brown Chicago Mix peeking from within, it’s the best of both worlds!

  132. I love the Signature Chicago Skyline tin design filled with Caramel Crisp!!!!!!!

  133. The Chicago Mix al the way!!! I wish I had some right now!!

  134. I like the celebration tin the best!

  135. I’m pretty traditional, I love the caramel and cheese mix in the blue tin!!

  136. The pink tin is the best! It brings a little bit of elegance as well as something to make you smile. I love this tin.

  137. ——->ORGINAL BLUE<——– As always the popcorn is 2 DIE 4! 😉

  138. All the women love the pink can, but the men like the blue or silver cans..after all, Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus..LOL

  139. Garrett Signature Blue is my favorite, gotta love the classics.

  140. I LOVE Garrett’s Popcorn, and anything it comes in, would be my favorite! The paperbag or the tins. But since this is a contest to select the best tin, my vote is for the pink! It reflects the delicate, yet bold taste of it’s contents. In addition, to that is the signature color to represent breast cancer. The power of PINK!

  141. I love the New York City tin…my two favorite things NYC and Garrett’s Chicago Mix popcorn…heaven:)

  142. I like the Garrett Signature Silver and Gold. It’s very festive and fits the occassion of the Oscars!

  143. I love the Wrigley Field can!

  144. Love the Valentines Pink….filled with caramel crisp!

  145. I would have to say the Garrett Signature Blue.

  146. I like the original blue because it just makes me think of Garrett!!

  147. The Garrett Signature Celebrate tin is my fave

  148. My Leader of the Top Tin List is Garrett’s Signature Blue! Not only is Blue my favorite color but the product on the inside is represents ~ Quality and Favor in every Kernel!!!

  149. I like the pink tin! I have several of them, but the pink is my fave…with the Chicago mix, of course!

  150. I love the Wrigley ones!

  151. I love the signature pink tin! That way everyone knows the popcorn is mine. And it keeps it safe since most guys won’t steal a pink tin of popcorn. :)

  152. I’d have to pick the Chicago skyline tin! Represents the great city Chicago is & where Garrett’s is & belongs! Love your caramel crisp!

  153. I love the pink

  154. Love love love the Chicago Skyline tin. I’m from the Chicago area originally and it always makes me feel like I’m getting a hug from home!

  155. My vote for best dressed defiantly has to be the blue tin!! Its the obvious choice!! Its a classic look that everyone adores and makes our mouths water with one simple glance!! Go BLUE TIN!!!!!!!!!

  156. I love the pink tin! It’s too cute.


  158. I love the Chicago city scape filled with the chicago mix! That is the best!

  159. Carmel Crisp in a Chicago Bears tin. Da Best!

  160. I love the Chicago Skyline tin! I love the contents as well!!! LOL

  161. I like the Oprah’s Favorite Things Tin.

  162. Hands DOWN! Garrett Signature Celebrate is in the building. I love the popcorn…First and Foremost (Chicago Mix). But each time I order, I choose this particular can b/c it express the person that I am. Bubbling….Ready to party….Full of joy with a burst of color (personality). This can ROCKS! Love it and what it represents…..ME!

  163. I like the celebration tin!!

  164. The original blue, filled to the brim with the Chicago Mix. Fantastic! Whenever we visit Chicago, the first place we visit is Garretts and it is always the last place we visit as well.

  165. I prefer the blue signature tin. Inside my tin, I’m thrilled with my favorite two flavors – crispy caramel and cheese.

  166. Garrets popcorn is the best popcorn ever no matter what tin I a NEW YORKER always get the NEW YORK tin.I have a nice collection of them !

  167. The pink can is pretty snazzy!

  168. Doesn’t really matter the design of the tin, as long as what’s inside is pure Garrett’s! But if I have to pick, it would signature blue :)

  169. I like the classic style – especially in pink!

  170. The pink tin, hands down! Especially if it is filled with the Chicago Mix.

  171. The Chicago Skyline with the Chicago mix. You can never go wrong.

  172. I love blue so I’ll have to say the Garrett’s Signature Tin is my favorite and when it’s filled with The Chicago Mix or Cashew Caramelcrisp I love it even more. When ever I visit Chicago, I must stop at Garrett’s.

  173. The Gold & Silver stripes sure make that Chicago Mix look good! Its a winner.

  174. Silver and gold is real classy!

  175. Chicago Mix in the signature pink tin!

  176. Blue Signature can is classy and distinguished.

  177. Garrett Signature Blue….classy and classic…..I’m thinking YUM!

  178. I love the popcorn, especially the Chicago Mix. Whenever I order, I always get one of the more colorful cans because it reflects my colorful personality. I love the combo mix it simply ROCKS!

  179. I have to go with the silver and gold tin, it’s very classy and elegant.

  180. I have to go with the beautiful pink tin, I SO love it!

  181. The ORIGINAL blue can always makes me smile…….

  182. @GarrettPopcorn City Skyline for sure! #PopcornPicks

  183. Your popcorn is good in any style can

  184. The chicago mix, cheese and caramel

  185. my favorite is the chicago skyline! though i hope you’ll open up a shop in san francisco soon and offer a new tin featuring the san francisco skyline!

  186. I personally like the Chicago Skyline. . . .Makes you want to go out and sit on a dock by the lake . . . just you and popcorn . . .

  187. The signature tin in Blue!!

  188. I’m liking the silver and gold stripe tin…it’s simple and classy!

  189. the pretty pink can with half cheese and half caramel corn,u get the best of both salty and sweet,nothing better!!!

  190. The Blue Signature!!!! With Chicago Mix of course :-)

  191. My favorite Tin is the Pink tin. It is an amazing way to show support to my family and friends in their fight against Breast Cancer. The Tin can be used later to sh

    • My favorite Tin is the Pink tin. It is an amazing way to show support to my family and friends in their fight against Breast Cancer. The Tin can be used later to share gifts in it.

  192. I love the pink tin..filled with Chicago Mix of course!

  193. Have the pink one but am loving the gold/silver one!

  194. Silver and Gold Tin with Chicago Mix – yummy

  195. I love the silver and gold tin, filled with the Chicago mix. Fantastic!!!

  196. The Blue Signature!!! With Chicago Mix Of Course..

  197. I was introduced to Garrett’s by my Chi-Town native friend, Doug, in Afghanistan! His wife sent us a tin of the cheese & caramel and was so delicious, we had to hide it from our unit commander (nicknamed Yogi Bear) otherwise it would have been gone in a day! Chicago tin is my favorite… gotta stay loyal to my battle buddy :-)

  198. I love the signature blue tin and the Chicago Mix popcorn is my favorite.

  199. The white sox tin with chicago mix!

  200. C’mon now!! You know the CHICAGO STYLE (CHI STYLE) CAN is always a winner with me!!

  201. The Wrigley Field tin!!! Full of the Chicago mix popcorn of course :). I am from Pittsburgh and my mom bought me that tin for my birthday!!!

  202. ‘Chicago Mix’ in The Garrett Signature Celebrate takes it all the way….you rock cheese & carmel!

  203. My favorite is the Chicago skyline tin nothing says Garrett’s
    popcorn better than Chicago mix in a skyline tin absolutely love it

  204. I love the John Hancock tin – tall, sophisticated and sexy — fill me with cheese and caramel corn. “I’m sexy and I know it!” by John Hancock

  205. I like the original can. The others are festive as well, but the signature is great/1 Your popcorn is the best on earth.I’ve driven to Chicago just to get it. I also ordered it online. Chicago mix is classic. Always,


  206. There is no city like Chicago! The Chicago Skyline is definitely the best!

  207. Silver / gold striped can!!! Its look is crisp, clean, classic and elegant….perfect for a romantic movie night with the best popcorn in the world!

  208. definitely the silver/gold stripe — classy glitz for any time of year!

  209. I love the Skyline tin. It’s so beautiful. I travel 3 hours for caramel popcorn. Many companies have tried to copy but it’s nothing like Garrett’s. If I know someone traveling to and from Chicago, I’m like please stop pass Garrett’s!!!

  210. I love the Signature Blue. At Christmas the Snowflake

  211. The new Simpsons 500th Episode Tin!

  212. I love the pink tin! But too agree that it is what’s inside that makes any of the tin’s special!!!!

  213. Love the original Blue can with the original cheeeeeeese! If it’s no home don’t fix it!!!

  214. I love classic red carpet looks, so my pick would be the classic tin with the ever classic Chicago mix, after all that is what made Garrett’s famous.

  215. I’m addicted to the Chicago Mix and even though I collect all the various tin designs, right now I like the Pink Signature one best.

    Love, love, love Garrett Popcorn, it can’t be beaten :-))

  216. Chicago Skyline filled with Almond Caramel Crisp!

  217. I will go with the Classic Blue, just because I have to pick ONE! By the way the Chicago Mix was the downfall of my last attempt at a diet!!!

  218. i love the original can

  219. Garrett Signature Chicago Skyline

  220. Gotta love the original tin!

  221. The original can is the ticket but if you really want to juice up the sales put a Chicago Cubs logo on it :-)

  222. I prefer the blue can but they all are nice

  223. I truly don’t look at the outside as long as Garretts Popcorn is on the inside; however if I have to chose a tin, I love the pink. Since I don’t live in Chicago anymore, my trips through ORD are wonderful because I get to pick up Garretts.

  224. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Chicago Mix in the PINK TIN with Almonds! Sweet, Salty and chewy!!

  225. Although I love the new white stripped can, its the PINK stripped can all the way. The minute you see that can you know it’s Garretts!!!

  226. I love the Chicago Skyline tin! Even better when filled with Chicago Mix!

  227. My favorite is the Chicago Traditional container filled with the Chicago Mix

  228. Love the never going out of style original blue tin!

  229. All tins are great but still love the original blue filled with any Garrett’s popcorn!! But really
    love, love the Chicago Mix!!!!

  230. Original!!

  231. I could eat it everyday. I have traveled to the Windy City–just for POPCORN!!!!!!

  232. I love the pink can! Fill it with the Chicago mix and you have a little slice of heaven! :)

  233. Love the Cubs tin!

  234. Loving the Chicago Skyline!

  235. I love the new gold and silver tin.

  236. I love the Pink Tin with the Chicago mix inside.

  237. I like the pink can…For some reason everytime I look it that can it makes me think its in support of Breast cancer..SO that would be my favorite tin overall…

  238. I like the Holiday Tine with the Chicago Mix

  239. I love the new SILVER & GOLD – Oscar winning colors! Addiction comes in an array now doesn’t it!!

  240. Original can – classic!

  241. I’m a fan of the signature blue tin!

  242. I like the Garrett Signature Celebrate tin!!

  243. Original Tin with Chicago Mix is the yummiest

  244. Im voting for the Wrigley Field can!!!

    Love love love the cheesecorn!!!

  245. I love the pink tin, it is the sexiest but it really doesn’t matter what the tin looks like, it is the great Garrett Chicago mix that makes it. Garrett Popcorn is the best!

  246. Have to go with the gold and silver. Truly classic look and a can that can be used again and again for just about anything.

  247. I choose the tradition blue with cheese corn! I have been eating this popcorn for over 30 years and love it like it was yesterday! the site of that traditional blue tin tell people all over the country that it is GARRETT’S!

  248. Love the mix!

  249. The gold and silver tin looks super! Fill it with caramel corn, and I am set… :)

  250. I love the Chicago tin with Mac nut and pecan carmel popcorn. I wish you could buy Garrett popcorn everywhere. Lying in bed with a tin of popcorn and a good movie is the best ever.

  251. ORIGINAL ALL THE WAY.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love them all but especially the surprise that is inside. The smell of fresh cheese and carmel popcorn mixed together. When you taste that cheese and carmel together OMG!!!! I am in heaven. I can’t stop eating I have to stop myself or someone else has to stop me. SO GOOD!!!!!

  252. I like the Chicago Style can. It shows some of the best things Chicago has to offer.

  253. Loving the gold and silver striped. So chic and classic!

  254. The pink can with the Chicago mix can’t be beat!

  255. I agree…has to be the gold and silver,,,,very classy tin for a gourmet product….

  256. Chicago Skyline for me. As a Chicago transplant now living on the West Coast, it’s always a sweet reminder of home!

  257. Although I am usually a traditionist, in this case I reccomend the Chicago skyline tin. Whether you have purchased it for a keepsake or just like the graphics, this tin always reminds you that Garretts is a Chicago entity

  258. I like the opera can.

  259. I love, love, love the signature pink tin. Pink is perfect for the girly girls. It’s sexy and such a fabulous color. Go Pink!

  260. I simply love the Chicago skyline tin design. It has hues of my favorite color, purple. And always serves as a reminder to go back to the city. I love Chicago and Garrett’s popcorn!

  261. I have to say I like Oprah Favorite Things tin the best!

  262. I love the gold and silver- CLASSIC!! I am not from Chicago although my sister lived there. That is how i got hooked on your popcorn- yummy!!

  263. I love the holiday tins. Once we make it through the popcorn, we use the tins to store our Christmas decorations.

  264. Garrett Signature Blue. It’s simple, classic, timeless.

  265. The original tin with cheese and caramel! I fly into O’Hare just so I can stop at the booth there!!

  266. In honor of the Oscars, it has to be the silver/gold striped can…elegant and sleek, just like Oscar! Outstanding popcorn inside, THE BEST!!!

  267. As long as there is Garrett Caramel Corn inside – tin color really doesn’t matter. We are slightly partial to the pink classic tin, but love the Wrigley Field tin as we have a little Rigley at our house.

  268. My all time favorite is the Garrett Signature Chicago Skyline tin because living all the way out here in the Seattle area I get to enjoy two of my most favorite things in the world;
    the Chicago Mix Popcorn and the Chicago Skyline the best in the world.

  269. Love the original can but also like the pink.

  270. Doesn’t matter as long as it has Garrett’s popcorn in it, but I’m going with the original. Why tamper with it if nothing’s wrong??

  271. Love the New York tin with the Chicago Mix inside! Nothing else satisfies the craving!

  272. I vote for the original blue tin! Shows off the Chicago mix the best!

  273. My favorite is the original blue stripe tin – because when I see it I instantly know there’s Garrett popcorn inside!

  274. The Chicago Skyline tin w/Chicago Mix. Best combination ever.

  275. Have to go with the blue stripes, though I agree that the delicious recipe could be in anything and I would love it!

  276. Chicago mix in the blue tin.

  277. I really like the gold and silver tin design!

  278. I love the Chicago Mix with the Wrigley Fields tin.

  279. Pretty in Pink!

  280. Any tin filled with Garrett’s Chicago mix popcorn is my favorite.

  281. I like the silver and gold. I love the popcorn and the Chicago Mix is the best!!!!!

  282. After my daughter ran the Chicago Marathon, I sent her and all her friends the Chicago Skyline can! After all – greatest popcorn from the greatest city! Yay for the Chicago Skyline Tin!


  284. Tough choice. Silver and Gold does seem like the red carpet version of the classic Signature Blue…That’s my vote!

  285. Love the Celebrations Tin…it has my vote….Garrett popcorn is always something to celebrate! I also like to buy gifts for friends on special occasions and order your seasonal tins. All of your flavors are the best, but your cheese popcorn is my very favorite!

  286. I love the original it was the first, the first is the best! It has character, it looks majestic


  288. Silver and Gold

  289. I like the traditional blue can. My favorite is the Chicago Mix. I sell Pampered Chef and come to Chicago for our Annual conference each July. My trip to the Windy City is not complete without Garretts Chicago Mix. Recently, I ordered some for the Christmas Holidays and a friend went to Chicago and I had to have some sent to Tennessee. A day without Garretts is like a day without Sunshine.
    Garretts is the best.
    Carolyn, the popcorn lover

  290. I love the Original Blue Stiped can. You can never go wrong with a classic can!

  291. I love the Chicago mix in the Pink can. :-))

  292. I love the Chicago tin. It just reminds me of where this fabulous popcorn is from.

  293. NY Skyline

  294. The original blue tin represents the best tasting Chicago Mix anyone could ever hope to enjoy. I buy it at the train station hoping to share it with my husband when I get home, but it is usually gone before I get to my final stop! The “tastier” my fingers get from the cheese corn, the more I eat!!!!!

  295. I like the Chicago Wrigley Field Tin! GO CUBBIES!

  296. Gotta go with the original!

  297. Crazy about the Chicago Skyline. I’m in Kentucky right now, and miss Chicago terribly!. Brings back wonderful memories of walking on the beach in the summertime.

  298. Love the blue. Cheese is the best flavor.

  299. Hey Hey Hey. I’m from MN and have Garrets Chicago Mix shipped to me when I need “a fix”.. My fav is the Chicago tin.. I wax nostalgic…

  300. I believe the gold and silver can is the nicest looking for such a classy event. With the Garretts logo on it, everyone will know where such good-tasting popcorn comes from.

  301. Since we haven’t had much of a winter, I enjoyed the snowflake can! And you don’t have to shovel it (the can, that is – you will be shoveling the popcorn into your mouth)!

  302. Love the PINK one!!!

  303. Although I love the Simpsons tin I feel the celebrate tin would be fitting for The Oscars! I’m planning on sharing a tin with friends and family!!

  304. The silver/Gold can screams red carpet. But any can you choose is classic, just like the popcorn it carries.

  305. My favorite tin is the original black and dark blue stripe. It looks “Classy”.

  306. I would go with the Signature Silver and Gold, very classy!

  307. I love Garrett’s popcorn because it’s the best and I love Chicago because it’s the greatest city…the two are close to my heart so I have to say the Garrett’s Signature Chicago Skyline Tin is my favorite!

  308. Garrett’s CHEESE is the incomparable way to please!

  309. Skyline tin is the best!

  310. Still love the Garrett signature tin…it still makes me happy to see it knowing all that popped goodness is inside.

  311. I’m orginally from Chicago, and I currently live in California. I still love the Chicago Skyline. I’m not a Simpsons fan, so I definitely wouldn’t pick that one.

  312. i feel like the tins should be reused and refills sent cheaper..but i love the baseball ones the best in my recycle can

  313. Always ate only plain popcorn until my wife brought home your Garrett’s Chicago mix. The carmel and cheese popcorn makes a delicious blend, a great surprise to me since I never cared for carmel nor liked cheese on anything other than in a sandwich. At 73 years young the adage “never to late to change” certainly applies here..

  314. I think the Chicago skyline tin is the best! Any of them are great as long as Garretts popcorn is inside!

  315. Now that I no longer live in Chicago, the skyline is particularly wonderful to me.

  316. Chicago Tin what else can it be!

  317. My vote is for the Chicago Tin and the Chicago mix.

  318. We love the original blue can ,filled with the Chicago mix….It’s ” CHICAGO”

  319. i would chose the pink for many reasons.its pretty,can be used at valentines day and breast cancer awarness color.so pink is for alot of things

  320. Going with Garrett Signature Celebrate… it’s so festive.

  321. It has to be BLUE! Go BLUE!!!!!!!!!!

  322. The Chicago skyline is the best. I’m originally from Chicago and every time I see that tin it makes me miss home. Every time I have relatives visiting from Chicago I make them bring me some Garrett Popcorn.

  323. Chicago Skyline can (filled with Chicago Mix) wins my vote!

  324. Chicago Comiskey Tin, of course! Go Sox!

  325. The pink can is the best can to hold my cheese popcorn

  326. How can you go wrong with the Chicago mix in any tin but I’m partial to the original blue.

  327. Orinigal Wins!

  328. I’m a fan of the Gold and Silver Tin!!!!

  329. I’ll always love the Chicago Mix in the Chicago Skyline tin, makes me a little homesick…

  330. I love pink Tin because my lady loves it and have to have Chicago flavors in it ….

  331. I loooooooove the pink tin. It is so girls.

  332. Being a breast cancer survivor I’ve got to go with the pink can…but,LOVE the Simpsons 500th episode tin too

  333. I always love the orginal Blue Stipped tin! Everytime I see if, I know exactly what it is!! Love the Chicago mix! Don’t know what you guys put in your popcorn but it sure it addicting! Nothing else compares!!!

  334. Garrett Signature Fall. Love the orange and black!

  335. I love the silver and gold can! It’s sophisticated sexy.

  336. I love the celebrate tin.

  337. I’m a girly girl so give me the pink and red striped tin!

  338. The tin that I prefer is the Chicago Skyline and of course ….the cheese has to be the BEST….although the butter is a close second!!!

  339. The caramel corn and cheese popcorn mix is to die for every time!

  340. The caramel corn and cheese popcorn mix in your signature tin is to die for every time!

  341. I like the Chicago Traditional tin, it’s design is part of Chicago culture.

  342. the signature pink with some Chicago mix in it is the best thing a girl could ask for!!

  343. I love the pink one. But FOR REAL I would eat it out of a garbage can. Is that too much info? Pshhh….it’s true.

  344. Garrett Signature Blue…Nothing says Chicago like the blue tin filled with the signature “chicago mix”. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. nobody can EVER beat it :)

  345. I would have to say I’m loving the celebration tin, I feel like its action at all times. Celebration time come on!

  346. Silver/gold striped tin all the way! I’ve wanted to try this ever since it was an Oprah favorite thing!

  347. I love the orginal blue stipped tin with the Chicago Mix!

  348. Chicago skyline babyyyy

  349. The Chicago Skyline with the Chicago Mix:)

  350. Love the pink tin!! So fun and yummy when filled w/ caramel corn:))

  351. I really like the Black and Orange tin! Especially when it’s filled with cheese corn! 😀

  352. Chicago Skyline,, Thats where it all started from for me. The windy city, Chicago.

  353. I love the Original one…with Caramel Popcorn.

  354. the Garrett Signature Celebrate tin!

  355. I think the gold and silver stripe would be classy for the Red Carpet event! I would fill it with Chicago Mix though!!! Love Chicago Mix!!! :)

    I live in the Oak Brook area so don’t get Garrett’s as often as i would like to :(

  356. The Celebration can always does it for me – can’t wait to open it when I receive it from someone!

  357. I like the Garrett Signature Silver & Gold with the chicago mix!!!!!!
    This stuff is so addicting… bring it to Michigan!

  358. OMG! My all time favorite is the Caramel Cashew Crunch. It’s to die for. Everytime we are in Chicago we have to stop in and get some. Yum!! Yum!! Yum!! :)

  359. I love the blue striped can!! It just looked like it’s dressed up and ready for the red carpet!

  360. I love the Garrett Signature Silver and Gold Tin with the Chicago Mix – looks a lot more classy.

  361. I like the pink can with the Chicago mix!!!!

  362. I like the original, Chicago traditional, I wish I lived closer to enjoy the great tasting cheese popcorn. My wife can not get enough, I could bring your popcorn home in a paper bag and she would not care, but the can locks in the freshness. Go Chicago blue !!!

  363. absolutely the original blue tin…remember what ur mother told you…it’s what’s INSIDE that counts!

  364. I prefer the gold and silver tin. Very Oscar worthy. I also prefer the Chicago Mix. Little sweet/ little salty. Just as life and the movies should be.

  365. The Pink tin is my favorite. A girl can never go wrong with pink! : )

  366. Original tin with Spicy Cheese Popcorn is the absolute best! Regular cheese popcorn is 2nd when the limited Spicy Cheese is not available. But to be honest, I love them all!

  367. As a Chicagoan, I’ve got to go with the Chicago Tin. Btw, I love the Chicago Mix!!!

  368. My favorite color is pink, so I really love the pink tin. I still have one from years ago & anytime I’m getting some Garrett’s as a gift to one of my girl’s, I always choose the pretty pink tin. Best-dressed in my book!

  369. Garrett Chicago Mix Popcorn is so pretty in the pink tin!!

  370. Original through and through.

  371. I am loving the Garrett Signature Celebrate. Very festive 😉

  372. I like the blue striped tin because my favorite color is blue


  374. Chicago Skyline :-)

  375. I like the original Garrett’s tin. When you see that tin, you know what an amazing experience is awaiting you !!!!!

  376. The Silver/ Gold is a special occasion tin. The awards are a special celebration so go all out with that silver and gold tin. Next, you must buy a cute outfit to match your tin!!!

  377. Chicago Skyline!!!

  378. Original can with Chicago Skyline

  379. I am a huge fan of the Chicago Mix from Garretts. It’s my favorite and it fits so well in my favorite tin which focuses on the city of Chicago!

  380. Always have to go with the original! Stay true to the Blue!

  381. as long as their is garretts in a tin, it looks good! I love the signature blue – tell tale sign its the real thing!

  382. The pink tin is my favorite.

  383. The Chicago skyline is my favorite tin!

  384. I choose the Chicago skyline. I hail from
    WV and visit Chicago and Garrett’s at every opportunity. One of my fav cities and definitely my FAV popcorn! Love the cashew caramel & cheese. Yum!

  385. Best dressed tin is definitely the silver & gold sleek look tin!

  386. I love what is inside the tin the best, but I’ll pick the snowflake tin.

  387. I have to go with the Chicago skyline as my favorite tin!

  388. I Love the Signature Celebrate tin!! When you eat Garrett’s popcorn you really want to have a celebration. Totally delicious!!!!

  389. My favorite color is pink so that’s the tin for me!!

  390. A FULL CAN!

  391. I like the signature silver & gold tin…classy, elegant & sophisticated. Perfect for the red carpet!

  392. Original Garrett’s=Chicago!

  393. Classic blue! As classic and classy as a black ball gown!

  394. The original tin is my fave, but I love the pink one too! Love love love Garrett’s!

  395. I’m tickled pink about the pink can.
    But, like me, it’s what’s inside that counts….
    love that Garrett’s Chicago Mix…sweet, buttery, and cheesy just like me!!

  396. The Chicago skyline is the beauty.. makes my mouth water just thinking about it.. YUM!!

  397. I think that every tin deserves an oscar! You can’t pick a favorite tin or popcorn because they all r award winning! LOVE IT ALL!!!!

  398. i love the pink tin, buti think my husbanda fan of the original =)

  399. Love the MIX. Love the new tin and the original blue tin and the Oprah Tin and well, you know what I mean….

  400. And The Oscar goes to Garrett’s Popcorn They have proven to the World that real Beauty is TIN deep. I love them all!

  401. The classic original tin.

  402. Class is always best: love your blue tin! :)

  403. classic blue!


  405. Definitely the pink striped tin…..I’m all about the pink!

  406. My favorite tin has to be the silver and gold one…I love this popcorn so much that I can’t imagine eating any other brand now… I guess you could say that I’ve become a Garretts Popcorn snob!….LOL

  407. The classic blue signature Garrett’s tin is my number one choice. Seeing that tin makes my palate jump with joy in anticipation of the Chicago Mix!

  408. Chicago night skyline, what says Garret’s more?

  409. I like the pink tin. Would be great if they came out with a Betty Boop Tin. Now that would be haaawwwtttttt!!

  410. I’ll go for the Chicago Skyline tin! It reminds me of the first time I ever came to Chicago! My favorite popcorn mix is the Chicago mix! Too bad you guys don’t have any stores on the West coast, you would make a killing!!!

  411. Chicago Skyline, however, I am loving the Simpsons limited edition tin.

  412. I like the Chicago Skyline tin. After all, Garrett’s popcorn is a Chicago staple!

  413. The classy stripped tin with Cheddar popcorn. Why mess with the best?

  414. I’m sorry…I meant to type the Blue striped one!

  415. blue blue blue!

  416. I love the chicago mix which is my fav. and Im a southern lady so I like to stand out in crowds so I vote for the pink can and its my favorite color its a attention getter and it has sassy brightness to it. Pink is unique and lovely..

  417. i ‘m remembed a of blue can with carrnel popcorn coming out the top, just like at a picking it

    uo on the board waik in ocean city me. where warm caramel popcorn.is ozzing out of the TOP.

  418. Garrett evokes many positive aspects of being a outside on a warn summer evening cruising looking for the boardwalk looking a summertime speciality.

  419. I loved the limited edition Oprah’s Favorite Things tin!! I bought one, and also love the classic blue signature tin!


  421. The Chicago skyline is always beautiful but the gold and silver striped is very pretty too!

  422. I vote for the new silver and gold striped tin!!

  423. PINK!!


  425. Classic blue is the best.

  426. I love the Valentines Tin! Very cute for the red carpet!

  427. The gold/ silver tin best fits the occasion!

  428. Silver&Gold Tin. It has style and taste.

  429. Chicago skyline – reminds me of buying Garrett’s fresh from the store !

  430. I like the classic original

  431. It’s the best popcorn in the world!!!. If you haven’t tried it, my suggestion is the Chicago Mix. It’s caramel corn and cheddar mix. It will melt in your mouth. I tell guest all the time that are from Chicago, that they have the best popcorn in the world, some know about Garretts and some don’t. I Fed X this popcorn twice a year. If I could afford to get it more then twice a year I would!!!!

  432. I forgot, It’s the blue and silver tin. I got so caught up in the popcorn I forgot about the tin!!!

  433. I would normally choose the original blue because when I see this I get so excitted about whats inside, but for the big night I must choose the silver and gold celebration can!

  434. The Silver and Gold strip tin is so pretty & sophisticated!

  435. I love the chicago skyline. tin — brings back memories since I now live far away. Ahh Good High Schoole memories of walks on michigan ave.

  436. I vote for the original tin with chicago style popcorn

  437. For the Awards I would go with the fancy black one that is found under “Weddings” but instead of all the pastel colors around the rim, I would just make it red and gold accents on that black tin. Very Formal,classy….

    I know you just asked for our favorite “TIN” but I would fill it with either the Chicago Mix because its your signature popcorn, but then it can be really messy on the fingers….we actually eat it with spoons to avoid getting stained fingers. For the Awards you might do one of your fancier mixes like the toffee crunch, or carmel cashew….something fancier, even one of the chocolate ones.
    Have Fun!!

  438. It’s so hard to pick, the Wrigley Field/Bears/Blackhawks say everything….Garrett’s and Chicago, what a great combo.
    Since I can only pick one, I would have to say the Signature Blue. When you see that Garrett signature you know there’s a tin of perfectly poppped, perfect tasting, cheesey/caramel goodness inside and my tastbuds thank you.

  439. As long as the cheese and caramel mix is in anyone of these containers I’m in heaven. A trip to NYC is never complete without a visit to the Garrett Popcorn Shop!!

  440. I prefer the design that includes Wrigley Field upon it.

  441. I love the Holiday tins the best. Especially the one with the snowflakes!!! I keep all my tins on top of my counter in my kitchen; they make good decor!

  442. Although the Original Can is unmistakeable….my vote would have to be for the Garrett Signature Celebrate Tin!!! It is also unmistakeable…AND it’s an awesome preface to the celebration that out taste buds experience when that rich buttery cheesy sweet Chicago Mix hits the tongue!!!! MMMMMMMM I just finished my latest tin three days ago, and the memory is fresh! It’s a “Party in a Tin” paired perfectly with the “Party in Your Mouth!”

    Sweet and Savory Perfection!!!

  443. My favorite tin is the pink tin. Pink is my favorite color. So I get most everything pink.

  444. I love the ChicagoMix in the Chicago Skyline tin, what gets any better than that?!

  445. I always consider myself a purist, going for the original way to do any kind of food, so I’m into the original can, but let myself get crazy with The Mix!


  447. for the red carpet, it has to be the silver can

  448. SIMPSONS!!!!

  449. The wrigley field can is my favorite. What’s better than the most notable baseball field?

  450. cardboard box… b/c no matter what container… this popcorn is the absolute best in the world…

  451. I would choose Pink, but in honor of my mom’s Feb birthday, I am choosing her favorite (the Original). Mom passed away in June, but prior to that, we brought her some Garret’s Chicago Mix and she fell in love with it. I was regularly ordering cans for her, her roommates and the nursing staff at the hospital and nursing home. Her fingers were always orange and a bowl was usually sitting on her belly when we would walk into her room. Here’s to you mom!!

  452. I really like the silver and gold! I had never seen it cuz we always get the bigger tins, how about upsizing it?

  453. I am a fan on the original blue tin with the Chicago Mix in it. But any tin with the name Garretts on it makes me smile BIG!! There is nothing that even comes close to it.

  454. I would have to go with the pink tin simply because I can see myself strolling down the red carpet with the pink tin in my hand and everyone waving at me and taking pictures because they are a fan of garrets popcorn also.

  455. I love the Celebration tin. When I get Garretts, It’s always a Celebration!

  456. I like the Original tin. Nothing beats an original. Besides, isn’t your first the most memorable one?

  457. I prefer the classic signature blue tin.

  458. I love the Chicago Skyline! I give as gifts every year!

  459. The pink tin because it is my wife’s favorite and I loved the look on her face when she opened the box and saw the pink tin the first time last year!

  460. love the pink tin!

  461. I like the silver and gold tin with of course the Chicago mix. We have one Garretts in NYC which I “discovered” a few months ago and am now a regular customer. This is the best popcorn ever!!!!

  462. Chicago Skyline with buttery popcorn!

  463. I love the Simpsons tin most of all!!

  464. Original. It’s your signature brand.

  465. Think pink, the pink hands down!

  466. Pink!!!! My favorite color holding my favorite popcorn ever. Chicago Mix!!!!!

  467. I like the Chicago skyline tin the best. (filled with Chicago mix!) =)

  468. I love the Wrigley Field tin with the Chicago Mix! It’s the perfect gift to send to my fellow Cubs’ fans that don’t live near Chicago.

  469. I like the blue striped can.

  470. The Wrigley Field Tin is my favorite! Popcorn and Baseball go Hand and Hand!
    The Cubs and Garrett Popcorn are two Great Chicago Traditions!!

  471. I love the pink tin!! so cute for a girls night or valentines day :)

  472. Wrigley Field

  473. The Chicago Skyline is my favorite because the company originates from here. Although, I love them all for the same reason…they all contain my favorite snack, the Chicago Mix popcorn.

  474. The original tin is my favorite. I’m a new fan of Garrett Popcorn, tasted a handful from a friend’s tin and I’ve been anticipating my own purchase. That original blue is very attractive to me, it makes me want to purchase.

  475. I’m a pink girl, so I have to go with pink strips, but any tin is good as long as it is filled with some Garrett’s Chicago Mix!!

  476. Original. It’s iconic!

  477. I love the light blue and navy because I saw it on Happy Endings tonight! I LOVE your popcorn!!! My mouth is watering for it right now!

  478. I bleed blue…I’m gone to have to go with the Blue strip tin…..:-)

  479. I love the Wrigley field tin. classic Chicago.

  480. i love he skyline can…..go White Sox!

  481. I don’t live near Chicago – so I love the Chicago Skyline Tin full of Chicago Mix!!

  482. I love Garrett’s!!! I love the silver and gold!! I love everyone!!!

  483. I love the Chicago Skyline tin with the Chicago mix….doesn’t get any better than that!

  484. I LOVE the Pink container, it reminds me of being a little girl going downtown with my best friend, putting our milk money together in 8th grade getting on the L and smelling the sweet butter, caramel, as the shiny glass door opens to a bag of heaven!

  485. I like all the tins because it covers all events. The custom made it my favorite because my son graduates this year and for thank you gifts I plan to put a graduation picture on the tin top, I thought this was special and unique.


  487. Chicago Skyline

  488. My Favorite is The Garrett Signature Celebrate style so festive :)

  489. I like the Garrett Signature Pink Tin..perfect for this girl!

  490. A tin with my face on it, filled to the top with the Chicago mix #FTW

  491. Gotta go with a classic – the original blue tin!

  492. I like the Chicago Cubs popcorn tin!

  493. Blue Tin all the way… it’s classy.

  494. Bears tin, Carmel Crisp, winning combo!

  495. They are all WOW-WINNERS! I love the simply irresistible taste of salt, carmel and cheese.

  496. Original design, pink, Simpsons–with Chicago Mix, of course.

  497. Skyline tin

  498. I just love the original design pink canester with the Chicago Mix!!!! YUMMY!!!

  499. The Winter Snowflake Tin

    And in the off season, Signature Blue!

  500. The signature blue can. Though the pink one is nice also….wait, the blue stripped is nice; then again, the orange one is cute….ok, the Simpsons….

  501. i like the skyline photo. Miss visiting chicago ! LOVE the popcorn !! !

  502. The hit for me was the Signature Pink…really cool way to support a good cause.

  503. Signature blue – it’s classic!

  504. I love the silver and gold tin… and the Chicago mix! Actually, just about all of your tins are nice!

  505. They Skyline Tin with Chicago Mix!

  506. The Garrett Blue Signature tin,
    after all the votes are tallied,
    hope this one will win!!

  507. Love the original signature blue…especially when it’s full!

  508. Pink is always the color of choice.

  509. Of course is the Chicago skyline! It rocks!

  510. I cannot see my vote; i love the snowflake tin; but, i love the contents the best!!!
    Am I entered???


  512. Any tin they have is great.It’s what inside the tin that makes it better.LOVE IT!

  513. Chicago Skyline!

  514. Garrett Signature Celebrate Is my favorite tin.
    tweeted @mefink

  515. I love love love the Skyline Tin filled with Chicago Mix! My favorite collectable tin is the Chicago Blackhawks Stanley Cup tin!

  516. I like the Chicago Skyline tin.

  517. The Celebrate tin is always ready for a party.

  518. The original blue can with the Chicago mix – it will always be a classic!

  519. I always love the blue design with the Chicago Mix. Nothing like a hot bag of the mix!

  520. I’m a Chi Town girl and I love the Chicago mix blue can

  521. we were in chigago last spring and will return again this spirng for family vacation because the kids will be out of school for spring break.we all fell in love with the chicago mix\

  522. All the tins a very nice, but if I had to pick one it be the red hearts valentines tin that I got one year filled with my favorite caramel popcorn. Gotta love this popcorn!!!

  523. Cheese is my favorite! Thanks for the chance…also tweeted @justicecw

  524. I have to go with the original tin! I fell in love with Garrett Popcorn when I tried it for the first time last year!


  526. The Garrett Signature blue tin. I have one sadly empty in my kitchen. We love the Chicago Mix!

  527. I Love the chicago Mix, it is very very good and will buy more of this, and will try other new kinds as well.

  528. I Lve the blue and silver can full of Chicago Mix it’s so GOOOOOOD. Gonna buy so more and thats for real.

  529. Classic original tin!

  530. I’m from Chicago so I love the signature blue.

  531. I have many tins but my favorite is the Chicago skyline. I live in Ohio but when I hear anyone mention Chicago I think of Garrett popcorn. When I fly I try to always have a connecting flight in Chicago O’Hare just to get some Garrett Popcorn. I have even gone on one day New York trips just because I knew I could add Garrett to my shopping schedule.

  532. Original can all the way!!

  533. The blue tin.

  534. The Original! You instantly recognize that it’s Garrett’s popcorn. The best popcorn on the planet :)

  535. The Simpson’s 500 episode commemorative tin is cool looking. Something different!!!!!!!

  536. I think the tin that takes design tops for my best-dressed list is The Simpsons 500th Episode Commemorative Tin.

  537. Shared this giveaway on Twitter. Please see link: https://twitter.com/#!/sue345678/status/173571254677278721 Thanks for the opportunity.

  538. The Blue Tin =Garrett Popcorn Every time; But I can get used to the silver Tin as well.The bottom line is it just don’t matter as long as it is filled with the Chicago mix I’ll take it.

  539. The original tin for sure!!

  540. Stick with the original – That’s why we stick with Garrett Popcorn instead of imitators!

  541. The blue stripey tin is eye catching :)

  542. Chicago skyline tin is the best dressed hands down.

  543. Chicago Skyline

  544. I love the Chicago mix in the wrigley field tin!!!!

  545. i like the garret signature snowflake tin the best. it is so festive and i love the colors.

  546. Love the original tin, but let’s be honest anything that has Garrett popcorn in it is ok by me!

  547. The gold and silver tin is my choice for an elegant night on the red carpet but for any other occasion I go with pink! Any tin filled with Garrets popcorn is a winner!

  548. Chicago skyline with the Chicago mix!

  549. I like the pink tin. It screams fun.

  550. My favorite tin is the pink … for all the breast cancer survivors out there!!

  551. The original blue tin is my favorite, but any of them are great with the CarmelCrisp in them!!

  552. My favorite is the Garrett’s Signature Tin. Can’t wait to get back to Chicago to get more CarmelCrisp to fill it back up!!

  553. oprah tin is my favorite

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