Aug 312011

Wedding Puzzle Piece

The new site will have a create-your-own package option with everything you need to make small take-away gifts for guests to enjoy. Arrange at each place setting for an elegant wedding favor, include as part of a welcome bag for out of town guests, or display at your sweets table. Look on the site for the white serving bags with gold and silver stripes. A tin matching the sophistication of the new bags will be available at a later date.

Need help deciding how much popcorn to purchase or when it’s best to buy for your event? We have personal popcorn consultants to help make those decisions!

  2 Responses to “Wedding and Party Planning? Look for help on the new Garrett Popcorn site.”

  1. Now that is true love! To provide your guest their own Garrett’s would be heavenly!

  2. It does help make the party! ^tg

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