Nov 222011

One day remains to visit the URA Architectural Heritage Awards Exhibit, celebrating 7 architectural projects that exemplify the art of restoration. The Awards recognize buildings in the Chinatown, Kampong Glam, and Little India Districts, as well as those in historical residential districts.

Visit the exhibit at the URA Centre by Wednesday 24 November, or make it an event and visit all 7 acclaimed locations in person. While on your architectural tour, stop by any Garrett Popcorn Shop® for a taste of Chicago’s gourmet popcorn heritage.  Bring the tradition of CaramelCrisp™, CheeseCorn™, and Chicago Mix™ along as you explore restored Singaporean monuments. Use this map to guide you as you travel about town for sights and tastes of history.

URA Architectural Heritage Awards – Featured Projects
URA Centre
45 Maxwell Rd
Singapore 069118

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