Nov 052010

This week we were really excited when Tiffany Williams sent us this photo of the Garrett Popcorn costume she donned this Halloween, and we asked her to recount how she came up with the idea. Read her story below!

Here’s what Tiffany had to say about the experience of dressing up as the world’s best gourmet popcorn:

Garrett Popcorn Costume

My inspiration for dressing up like Garrett’s???? Hmmm…

My mom called me on October 1st and basically said, “let’s start thinking about costumes now, so we don’t wait until the last minute.”  We both threw some ideas out there and she said, “what about Garrett’s?”  It is one of my true guilty pleasures, so I figured it could be really fun.  I also knew my mom was super crafty and there would be ABSOLUTELY NO CHANCE of duplicates of my costume!

We debated on a tin vs. a bag, and thought the bag would be a little easier to create.  She found a cardboard box to be the foundation of the bag and began crafting from there.  She used navy blue felt on the sides and used gold & navy felt to create the logo.  She added gold ribbon on the trim and used a roll of plastic shrink wrap (like what you’d use on an Easter Basket) to create the exterior.

As far as the popcorn…she used a spray foam called Great Stuff (see below).  She sprayed small-medium sized pieces, let them hardened and then painted them with craft paint.  She then covered the caramel corn in shellac to give it some sheen, then used a hot glue gun to attach them to the cardboard box.  We left a few of them loose, so people could touch them and have fun with them in pictures.

Between going to the craft store, creating the foam pieces, painting and fitting it to my body, it took a couple of weekends for it to come together.  Mom is retired, so it was a nice project to keep her busy for a while :)

We may have the best customers in the world. We’d love to hear a favorite Garrett story from all of you, so please share with us!

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  1. A TRUE Garett’s fan! I thought taking the train to Chicago this past Saturday (eight hours) for Garretts was something, but everyone knew what your sentiments were! YOU GO GURL!

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