May 092012

Next to CaramelCrisp®, poetry is the sweetest thing for Mom on Mother’s Day. We dedicated a haiku to Mom and asked our Facebook and Twitter fans to tap into their inner poets as well.

Garrett Popcorn
Mother is the best
Always sharing treats with me
Except for popcorn

A kernel of corn
Warms my belly everytime
Just like mom

Mother you are missed
Holidays just aren’t the same
Time with you I miss

Garrett, not to share
With those who guzzle freely
Get your own popcorn!

The Chicago Mix
Sweet and cheesy just for Mom
Bonus points for me!

Want to write a haiku for Mom? Share your poem as a comment on the blog, Facebook, or on Twitter with the hashtag #Haikus4Mom.

Remember, Mother’s Day is Sunday, May 13!

  One Response to “Treat Mom to a Haiku”

  1. my mom snacks often
    she enjoys Garrett Popcorn
    almost every day

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