May 042012

Garrett Popcorn
is a great pick-me-up and lift-me-up! Turn your empty tins into stilts when you want to stand a little taller.

What you’ll need for this Tinnovation*:
*Seek adult supervision if necessary.

  • Two Garrett Tins
  • Two ropes, at least 4′-0″ each
  • Good balance


  1. Finish your Garrett Popcorn!
  2. Wash and dry both tins.
  3. Tie each end of the rope around the base of the handle close to the tin. Repeat with other tin.
  4. Carefully place each foot atop each tin. Hold the rope to be taut when standing straight.
  5. Pick up your foot and hand in unison on each side and take a step. Walk tall!

How do you reuse your empty tins? Show off your inner Tinnovator and enjoy other upcycling projects here.

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