Apr 282012

How do you reinvent your Garrett Popcorn tin? Submit a photo of your Tinnovation, and your project could be featured on GarrettPopcorn.com and our Facebook page!

Here’s one way you can extend the life of your tin. Make a Garrett candle!

What you’ll need for this Tinnovation:

  • Garrett Tin
  • Candle wax (Approx. 1.5 lbs wax per 2 cups volume)
  • Double boiler or equivalent
  • Candle wick(s)
  • Wick centering tool
  • Candle fragrance oil and color (optional)


  1. Finish your Garrett Popcorn!
  2. Wash and dry the tin.
  3. Follow the instructions on the package to melt the candle wax. Most require a double boiler to slowly melt the wax.
  4. Add candle fragrance oil and color if desired.
  5. Slowly pour the wax into your empty Garrett Tin.
  6. Carefully lower the candle wick into the melted wax and stabilize with the wick centering tool. Let cool until set.
  7. Trim the wick, light, and enjoy the cozy flame of your Garrett candle!

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