Jun 062012

Have you heard? You’re invited to Tinnovate with us!

What you’ll need for this Tinnovation:

  • Two Quart-Sized Garrett Tins
  • Hammer and nail
  • Twine
  • A friend!


  1. Enjoy your Garrett Popcorn!
  2. Wash and dry the tin.
  3. Take the lids off both tins and set aside. Consider upcycling the lids into sun catchers.
  4. Flip one tin over. Carefully tap a hole in the center of the tin.
  5. Thread the twine through the hole in your tin. Tie a knot to secure the twine.
  6. Repeat Step 4 with the other quart-sized tin. Thread the untied end of twine through the hole and secure with a knot.
  7. Hold one tin can up to your ear and give the other end to a friend. Walk apart until the twine is pulled taut between you.
  8. Whisper sweet nothings of CaramelCrisp® through your telephone!

What clever ways do you reuse your Garrett tins? Submit a photo of your project and enjoy other upcycling ideas here.

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