Feb 172012

When the going gets tough, the tough get Garrett Popcorn. Find out if Chicago Mix can help The Descendants deal with their struggles in this week’s edition of Tastiest Popcorn Picks.

Tastiest Popcorn Picks rates Best Picture nominees based on two categories:
Crunch Factor on a scale from 1 (might as well be a silent film) to 10 (totally crunchtastic)
Crowd Control on a scale from 1 (massive movie night) to 10 (couples-only crowd)

Crunch Factor
Matt King experiences enough surprises without the added element of audience members uncontrollably munching on popcorn. Gradually make your way through the tin to avoid causing him, and your fellow movie-goers, any more grief. Popcorn Picks’ Crunch Factor of 2 kindly reminds you to be sensitive.

Crowd Control
Maybe you like to sort out your feelings alone, or maybe you like to lean on a friend. Either way, Chicago Mix is always there to console you. Popcorn Picks recommends bringing CheeseCorn™ and CaramelCrisp® for support and gives The Descendants an 8 for Crowd Control.

Popcorn Picks Recommendation
Matt’s journey teaches us that we can make it through any of life’s trials. A tin of Garrett Popcorn never hurt either.

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