Mar 122014

Calling all Garrett Popcorn Nut CaramelCrisp fans!

March is Nut CaramelCrisp month, and we’re looking to you to help decide which flavor is the ultimate fan favorite.


All month long we will be releasing our March Nuttyness Tournament brackets on Facebook, where you will have the chance to vote for your favorite Nut CaramelCrisp flavor. Stay tuned each week for a chance to get your favorite flavor voted into the next round. There may be some extra special treats involved if you participate!

Which flavor will you vote for in our March Nuttyness Tournament?

Vote on our Facebook page today!

If you haven’t tried our Nut CaramelCrisp flavors, or just want to relive the happiness, you can Build A Tin of your favorite flavors on our website or stop by any U.S. Shop to partake in this Nuttyness.

Oct 302012

Election Tin | Garrett Popcorn Shops

Since The Garrett Election Tin debut, The Chicago Mix fans have voted in record numbers. According to the latest Garrett Live Results, Obama leads over Romney by 18%. Whether your candidate is ahead in the polls or in need of a landslide, you have until Tuesday to make a difference. Vote today!

Check The Latest Garrett Election “Live Results!”