Mar 122013

Easter  Indulgence Gift Bundle

We’ve combined Cashew CaramelCrisp®, Almond CaramelCrisp® and Pecan CaramelCrisp® into a stylish collection along with a 1 gallon tin filled with The Chicago Mix. Perfect for gifting.

Feb 012012

Lover's Mix

Loves me? Loves me lots! This Valentine’s Day say “I love you LOTS,” with the special limited time offer, The Lover’s Mix™. Whether you’re giving or receiving, Garrett Popcorn Shops® offers the perfect gifts, handmade to say, “I love you Lots.”

In honor of Valentine’s Day, we’re offering The Lover’s Mix™ in a signature pink tin filled with sweet Chocolate Covered CaramelCrisp® and Spicy CheeseCorn™. This sweet and sassy combination creates the perfect gift of love. Mix the two flavors together in a 1 gallon tin, $36.50; or choose to keep them side-by-side in a 2 gallon tin, $68.50.

For those who are more sweet than sassy, we’ve added decadent chocolate to our famous CaramelCrisp® recipe. The Chocolate Covered CaramelCrisp® comes in a 1 gallon signature pink tin and is perfect for sharing with your sweetie; $44.

Heat things up with a 1 gallon tin of our Spicy CheeseCorn™. Enjoy the same cheddar cheese sensation of the Garrett signature CheeseCorn™ with a little spice; $29.

Fall madly in love and go nuts for the Ultimate Indulgence Gift Set, three red and white striped bags filled with Pecan CaramelCrisp®, Almond CaramelCrisp®, and Cashew CaramelCrisp®, presented in a stunning, gold gift tin, plus a 1 gallon signature pink tin filled with The Chicago Mix; $49.95.

All Valentine’s gifts are available online and a limited offerings are available in Shops from February 1 to February 15.