Exclusive Interview with Team Chicago Mix

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Jul 312012

Team Chicago Mix is headed to the Garrett Games! We know they’re special Garrett kernels, but when did they first discover their talents? Read on for a special Q&A session with CaramelCrisp® and CheeseCorn™.

Q: When did you first see signs of your popping talents?

CheeseCorn™: I remember this one time at practice, watching one of the older kernels execute a cheese tumbler routine. I thought about one of his moves, did it, and really impressed my coach. After that, I thought, “Hey, maybe I can go to the Garrett Games one day too.”

CaramelCrisp®: I was kind of a late bloomer. I often didn’t place at competitions, but one day everything just clicked and I knew that my place was in the copper kettle. Once I knew that, I really found my passion to return day after day.

Q: What pop songs fire you up before a competition?

CheeseCorn™: Like my teammate Buttery, I also love “Pop It” by the Blue Striped Cheese. I tumble like a champ after listening to that one!

CaramelCrisp®: *Laughs* It’s kind of a guilty pleasure…It’s “Pop” by ‘N Sweet. I’m not gonna hear the end of this from my friends.

Q: What advice do you have for other aspiring Garrett kernels?

CheeseCorn™: Life throws a lot of curve balls at you, and you need to have a solid support group. I feel so fortunate because the Garrett Family always has your back. Remembering that has been the most helpful thing when training gets hard.

CaramelCrisp®: Integrity. That’s the defining factor of a Garrett kernel – past, present and future. Be true to yourself and the rest will follow.

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Profile in Flavor: Team Chicago Mix

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Jul 092012

After a splendid showcase of popping, tumbling and shaking, CheeseCorn™ and CaramelCrisp® secured their places on Team Chicago Mix for the Garrett Games.

CheeseCorn™ turned out a stellar round at the tumbler and completed his shake in record time. CaramelCrisp® crafted a rich aroma of creme brûlée that hypnotized both the judges and spectators. These performances, along with their great taste and sportsmanship, earned them spots on Team Chicago Mix over Buttery’s laudable efforts. Buttery will attend the Games as a Team Chicago Mix alternate.

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Jul 052012

Little kernels dream big. They pop in and out through the hot-air popper with hopes of representing Team Chicago Mix. Though they all burst with potential, only the top two will continue to the Garrett Games. Get to know our Flavored Athletes and follow the exciting action!


Quick Facts
– Nicknamed ‘Golden Boy’ by teammates for cheesy disposition
– Cousin of QuesoMaíz, 1992 bronze medalist in the shake
– Leader of Team Chicago Mix in the 2008 Garrett Games

CheeseCorn™ is another seasoned competitor. In 2008, he won the gold medal in his signature event, the tumbler. He hopes to claim the all-around gold medal by winning the shake and the kettle as well this year. Though not officially on Team Chicago Mix for the Games yet, he’s flavored for his mental fortitude, sportsmanship, and palatable strength.


Quick Facts
– Reigning national champion in the kettle
– First kernel to win three medals at a single Games
– Coaches tout his abilities as “unparalleled”

A long-time flavored athlete, CaramelCrisp® returns to this Garrett Games with skills more refined than ever. His consistent, crisp execution has won him titles at the Kernel Championships, Pan-Pop Competition, and most recently at Worlds. He hopes to claim the title again in 2012 for his best event, the kettle.


Quick Facts
– Sings “Pop It” by the Blue Striped Cheese to pump up before competitions
– Won bronze medal in the shake at Pan-Pop debut
– Born in Illinois

With a background in the classical arts, Buttery moves with elegance, grace and finesse. She is praised for her clean flavor and smooth finish, which caught the attention of judges at the Pan-Pop Competition. With her quiet determination and subtle notes, she could be a valuable addition to Team Chicago Mix.