May the Fourth Be With You…

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May 042012

Happy Star Wars Day! As you’re planning your movie marathon, consider these geeky popcorn thoughts:

  • Contrary to rumors, we do NOT have jedis in the kitchen cooking w/light sabers. Ours use copper kettles.
  • Know why Storm Troopers are grumpy? They can’t hide cheesy fingerprints on white armor.
  • Know what makes Storm Troopers really grumpy? The fact they can’t eat The Chicago Mix through their masks.
  • Made the Kessel run in less than 12 parsecs? That’s nothing. The Chicago Mix is usually gone in 60 seconds.
  • There’s a dark side & a light side & together they make a whole. Yes, we’re talking about The Chicago Mix.
  • Chicago Mix or do not Chicago Mix, there is no try.
  • Do others find your lack of Chicago Mix…disturbing?
  • You can try to use the Force, but we only accept cash or credit

And most importantly, Han shot first.