Happy Anniversary to Our Merchandise Mart Shop!

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Jun 162013

The Merchandise Mart Shop (222 Merchandise Mart Plaza, 2nd Floor Food Court) turns four years old this week! To celebrate, Garrett Popcorn Shops® invites customers to whisper “Happy Anniversary” throughout the day on Monday, June 17, 2013 to receive a Large bag of The Chicago Mix for a Medium Price.

Anniversary offer is good at this location only.

Merchandise Mart Shop

We spoke with Merchandise Mart manager Shervia Thomas to learn more about this location and her experience with Garrett Popcorn Shops®:

Your Shop was recently recognized for outstanding customer service. Can you share your secret?

“One of the great things about working at this location is that we have a lot of repeat customers and can build a relationship with them. We take the time to interact with our customers and ask how their days are going. There’s a real neighborhood feel here.”

Shervia Thomas

Manager Shervia Thomas

Do you remember customer orders?

“Yes! I already know their order because they come in regularly. Sometimes they may change it up on me but for the most part I already know.”

We have to ask — what is your favorite flavor?

I have a sweet tooth, so it’s definitely CaramelCrisp®. I have been a fan and a customer since I was a little girl. My family would always go to the Jackson Shop and I’d get an order of CaramelCrisp®. It wasn’t until becoming a cook that I became a fan of The Chicago Mix, too.

What do you enjoy most about working for Garrett Popcorn Shops®?

I love interacting with the customers. We have some great personalities on my team, too. It’s a great community of teamwork and family at this company.

Thanks, Shervia! Happy Anniversary to you and to everyone working at the Merchandise Mart Shop!