Mar 152013
Wentworth Elementary

Wentworth Elementary students return to school

In August, Garrett Popcorn Shop® employees welcomed students back to school and helped kick off the start of the academic year with complimentary tins for the students and teachers of D. S. Wentworth Elementary School. “To actually see Garrett Popcorn cheer the students on got them excited and motivated them to be at school. It was exciting. The staff and parents were just as excited. It was a great way to begin the school year,” said Principal Dina Everage.

Wentworth Elementary

Celebrating academic excellence

We returned on March 15 to celebrate the perfect attendance students who participated in the Illinois Standard Achievement Test. Megan Chody, from Garrett Popcorn Shops, praised both the students and their principal, “Principal Dina Everage keeps finding ways to have her children succeed. And that’s how children grow and learn. Hopefully through this initiative we can encourage similar rewards at other schools.”

“It’s always wonderful when you can have a partner who can provide alternatives to motivate students. It’s exciting that every student who achieved this goal received a reward,” said Everson.

Garrett Popcorn Shops support of Wentworth Elementary is part of our continuing effort to give back to the Chicago community. Thank you to Principal Everage and the students of D.S. Wentworth Elementary for letting us be a part of your success!