Tinnovate: Upcycle your Garrett Tin for a Road Trip!

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May 262012

Don’t be caught unprepared for your weekend. Upcycle your Garrett tin and carry all the essentials for your road trip!

Suggested items for this Tinnovation:

  • One Garrett Tin, any size depending on capacity of your car
  • A variety of music, to please all musical palates
  • Bottled water, to hydrate between singing to said music
  • Ear plugs, to drown out said singing
  • Travel size games, preferably without small parts
  • Books, for the inevitable lull in conversation
  • Mints, especially if the drive is long
  • Hand held fan, in case the A/C gives out
  • Napkins, to keep the car neat during snack time
  • A noise maker, to keep your driver awake


  1. Enjoy your Garrett Popcorn!
  2. Collect, wash and dry your tin.
  3. Fill your tin with the items you may need for your road trip. Enjoy the drive with a well-supplied Garrett tin of activities!

How do you reuse your Garrett tins? Submit a photo of your project and enjoy other upcycling ideas here.