Brain freeze? We can help! Taste of Chicago Day 8

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Jul 022011
Taste of Chicago, Day 6

No need to blow on your Popcornsicle!

Garrett Popcorn’s Taste of Chicago menu is filled with cool choices, but two of those are COLD — the Popcornsicle and the CaramelCream ice cream!

Our Popcornsicle is a CaramelCrisp® popcorn ball placed on a stick and then flash-frozen in liquid nitrogen. While the Popcornsicle appears to smoke, that’s only humidity from the air reacting to the cold popcorn. It’s safe to eat as soon as we hand it to you, and after eight days we haven’t heard one person complain of brain freeze.

I’ve seen people blow on the popcorn to warm it up, but it’s more fun to take a bite and then blow out immediately so you appear to breath fire. We’ve had people call that effect “Dragon Breath”, “Popcorn Smoke”, and my personal favorite, “Foggy Mouth”.

Caramel Cream Vanilla Popcorn Ice Cream

A twist with popcorn

You can eat ice cream too fast, but with a flavor like CaramelCream, why not take the time and savor it? That’s the best way to prevent mishaps. However, I know there’s a lot to try at the Taste of Chicago so you may be tempted to eat your ice cream quickly. If you get that sudden, spike of pain to the head known as brain freeze, the best thing to do is place your tongue against your soft palate to warm it up. I also found a few other online tips to cure a cold brain.

There are only two more days left of Taste of Chicago. Check out our Facebook page to see what’s happened so far, or visit us at Booth 22 across from the Petrillo Music Shell on Jackson to try our all-temperature menu!

Try our Taste of Chicago Menu

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Jun 252011

We have six menu items this year to tempt you at the Taste of Chicago:

  • Popcornsicle, 6 tickets
  • CaramelCream Ice Cream, 8 tickets
  • 5 ounce Chicago Mix, 10 tickets
  • 1/2 pound Mixed Nuts, 12 tickets
  • “Taste of” Popcorn Ball, 4 tickets
  • “Taste of” Mixed Nuts, 4 tickets

The CaramelCream ice cream is a new this year, and already becoming a crowd favorite. Be sure to try this swirl of caramel and vanilla popcorn, topped with CaramelCrisp® popcorn!

Garrett Popcornsicle Success!

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Jul 102010

The passing of the Taste of Chicago can be a bitter-sweet time for us Chicagoans.  After all the fantastic food, drink, and music has been consumed and enjoyed, we are reminded of how fleeting our summer months can be, but more importantly, that it will be yet another year before we are able to chill our taste buds with the flash-frozen Garrett “Popcornsicle”.

Our refreshingly frozen popcorn treats were a huge hit at this year’s Taste of Chicago, and over 11,000 Popcornsicles were sold from our Garrett Popcorn Booth!  If you were one of the lucky customers to have visited Booth #53 at Grant Park, then there is no explanation needed, but of course you were probably thinking how in the world did these guys come up with this? Allow me to explain….

A concept created exclusively for Garrett Popcorn Shops by Top Chef Finalist, Richard Blais back in 2007, the Popcornsicle is a unique treat that puts a frosty spin on our gourmet popcorn tradition.  While the Popcornsicle was a surprising treat for many unsuspecting Taste of Chicago visitors, it has not gone unnoticed since its debut into the world of popcorn delicacies as it has been featured in a range of media from the Chicago Tribune as one of Phil Vettel’s “Phil’s Fave” items, to the Today Show.