Happy Friday at Pitchfork

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Jul 242014

With one of Chicago’s premier music festivals rocking out last weekend, Garrett Popcorn hit the streets outside of Pitchfork for Happy Friday!

As people queued up to enjoy the opening day of Pitchfork on Friday, our Team passed out complimentary Bags of Chicago Mix to both long-time fans and people who had never tasted Handcrafted Happiness before.

Happy Friday at Pitchfork

Pitchfork, like any music festival, is definitely more of a marathon than a sprint, so hopefully our Chicago Mix got everyone fueled up for a long and exciting three days of music right before they got past the gate!

Garrett Popcorn was also excited to be involved with a Pitchfork after party at Nellcôte. Definitely nothing better than winding down at an after party to enjoy Handcrafted Happiness.

We hope everyone had a great time!

Pitchfork 2014 After Party