Aug 052011

If you’re out and about this weekend, don’t forget to interact with Garrett Popcorn on Twitter, Facebook and Foursquare. Each comment and check-in is a chance to win one of five 2 gallon tins of Chicago Mix. Read more about Pegmo and what you can do to win popcorn in this week’s raffle.

Have extra time? Check out the “epic” CaramelCrisp vs. CheeseCorn popcorn battle on the Pegmo blog. We do this every day at Garrett Popcorn HQ, but it’s fun to see others hash out the age-old argument of which is better.

CaramelCrisp vs. CheeseCorn, photo courtesy of Pegmo

CaramelCrisp vs. CheeseCorn, photo courtesy of Pegmo

In case you forgot, our blog code is “Chicago Mix”.

Aug 022011

Pegmo is a Chicago-based social media site that rewards people for social media activity by granting pegs for each service they use. If you are active on Foursquare, Twitter or Facebook, then all you need is a Pegmo account to be eligible for one of the weekly raffles.

This week, Garrett Popcorn is the prize. Five lucky winners will receive a 2 gallon tin of Chicago Mix. The more places you connect with Garrett Popcorn online and the more of our nine area stores you “check in” with via Foursquare, the better your chances of winning.

To get started, use the “Chicago Mix” blog code to earn a peg on Pegmo!

Raffle entries accepted until end of day August 8. Winners will be notified on August 9.