To Mix/Or Not To Mix is a Crafty Saying!

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Jul 192013

Garrett Fan Annie

Garrett Popcorn Fan Annie C. submitted To Mix/Or Not To Mix as a Crafty Saying to be featured on our Signature Stripes™ craft bag, and our loyal fans chose hers as one of their favorites. Annie’s saying is headed to print and will appear in Shops this fall. We asked her to share a few corny thoughts with fans:

Which is your favorite flavor of Garrett Popcorn?

My favorite Garrett Popcorn flavor is CheeseCorn! I mean, CaramelCrisp!! I mean, CheeseCorn!!! Phew, thank goodness there’s The Chicago Mix! :)

How long have you been a fan?

I’ve been a fan of GP since I was a wee kernel. I remember my sister taking me to the shop on Madison (here in Chicago). We stood in a huge line waiting our turn.

Describe your first bite of Garrett Popcorn.

I don’t think I understood what ALL the fuss was about until I tasted my first mouthful of CaramelCrisp. It was caramel heaven…sweet, crispy, crunchy, and buttery! I was a happy kid!

Have you ever done anything crazy to get Garrett Popcorn? Please share!

I’ve never done anything crazy to “get” Garrett Popcorn but I have packed some with me on my carry-on baggage (note: not checked, for risk of losing). I’ve hand-carried real Garrett Chicago Mix everywhere from Alaska to Paris, so far. I love that it’s a hometown taste that NEVER disappoints.

Congrats, Annie! Thank you for participating!