Oct 182014

Everyone at Garrett Popcorn would like to wish a Happy Anniversary to our Shop in Terminal 1 at O’Hare International Airport!

O'Hare T1 Anniversary

Our Shop at Concourse B in Terminal 1 opened on this day in 2010, and our amazing Teammates have been sharing Handcrafted Happiness with on-the-go travelers ever since. Plus, being “A Chicago Tradition,” it’s the perfect way for visitors to take a taste of Chicago with them when flying through O’Hare.

Next time you’re traveling to or from or even through Chicago, be sure to stop by and enjoy some Happy Food on your journey.

Jul 132011
No carry-on items? Drop by T1 or T3 and we can help!

No carry-on items? Drop by T1 or T3 and we can help!

If you have some time to spare before your flight or with your lay-over, remember to grab some popcorn for your trip! You can find Garrett Popcorn at either Terminal 1, Gate 9 or at Terminal 3, Gate H1. Summer hours for our O’hare locations are Monday-Sunday, 6:00am-9:00pm.

*Great title via a Tweet from @cubsfanz77!