Jan 202015

Are you ready for some football? The New England Patriots will face the Seattle Seahawks in that big football game we can’t mention for legal reasons!

Just because we can’t specifically mention the name of this game doesn’t mean we aren’t going to celebrate this “Big Game” with our world famous Garrett Popcorn. That’s why we’re offering the Big Game Bundle!

Big Game Bundle

Our 1 Gallon Bundles are handcrafted with Garrett Mix only. Our 2, 3.5 and 6.5 Gallon Bundles are freshly filled with CaramelCrisp®, CheeseCorn and our seasonal recipe Spicy CheeseCorn.

We’d love for our hometown Chicago Bears to be there this year. After all, we are “A Chicago Tradition.” However, we won’t let this stop us from enjoying the “Big Game” with a taste of Chicago.

There’s also some more good news! We have Complimentary Shipping available until the end of January with the promo code BIGGAME15GP, so now is the perfect time to order your Big Game Bundle. We recommend placing your order by Friday, January 23 to make sure it arrives in time for the “Big Game” on February 1.

POP by GarrettPopcorn.com and gear up for the Big Game with Complimentary Shipping!

Jun 232014

Continuing our strong commitment to being “A Chicago Tradition,” Garrett Popcorn was proud to be at the Robbie Gould Celebrity Golf Invitational over the weekend.

Robbie Gould Celebrity Golf Invitational

Organized by Chicago Bears kicker Robbie Gould and his Goulden Touch charity, the Celebrity Gold Invitational raises money to help those in need. Over the years, the Goulden Touch has partnered with organizations in a variety of interests, including education, health and medical research.

Robbie Gould Celebrity Golf Invitational

It is certainly no secret that Garrett Popcorn are huge fans of Chicago sports, so to work with one of the Bears’ prominent stars in his mission to raise money for terrific causes is a humbling honor. We were thrilled to provide the gift of Handcrafted Happiness to all who participated in the Invitational.

If you would like to donate to the Robbie Gould Celebrity Golf Invitational and the Goulden Touch, please visit their website.

And if you’re disappointed to have missed out on the Handcrafted Happiness at the Invitational, you can always order a Tin from our website.

Aug 242011
Chicago Bears Safety Chris Harris poses with fans

Chicago Bears Safety Chris Harris poses with fans

Bears Safety Chris Harris loves Twitter, football fans, and Chicago, so yesterday he and Sun-Times Reporter Sean Jensen decided to combine all three in a tour of the city. Along the way, the duo bowled, test drove an Audi, had lunch at a local spot, and interacted with fans and Twitter throughout the day.

Chris is a fan of The Chicago Mix, so naturally Garrett Popcorn had to be a stop in his tour of Chicago. Chris and Sean swung by Garrett Popcorn at the Merchandise Mart and handed out gift cards for free popcorn to fans. One lucky fan walked away with an autographed Chicago Bears Tin filled with The Chicago Mix.

If you want to see more about their “Twitter Tour”, watch the video of their adventures here. There are also more photos on the Garrett Popcorn Facebook page.

Thanks, Chris & Sean, for making Garrett Popcorn part of your day!

On Twitter, you can find Chris at @ChrisHarrisNFL, Sean at @skjensen, and Garrett Popcorn @GarrettPopcorn.

UPDATE: More “behind the scenes” from the tour in this article.

Bears Safety Chris Harris at Merchandise Mart

Bears Safety Chris Harris at Merchandise Mart