Feb 232012

In preparation for the upcoming awards, Tastiest Popcorn Picks rated the pairing of Garrett Popcorn with a selection of Best Picture nominees. If you’re new to Popcorn Picks, here’s a recap of our guide to munching through the nominated films. Click on the movie titles to find out what Popcorn Picks had to say about each one.

Hugo would gladly upgrade his pain quotidien to a tin of Chicago Mix.
Popcorn Picks Rating: 10/20

The Descendants
When things get rough, you can always console yourself with a tin of Chicago Mix.
Popcorn Picks Rating: 10/20

The Artist
Actions speak louder than words during a silent film — sharing is caring!
Popcorn Picks Rating: 11/20

What’s more classic than baseball and popcorn?
Popcorn Picks Rating: 12/20

Midnight in Paris
Dance among the bourgeoisie with a handful of Garrett Popcorn.
Popcorn Picks Rating: 16/20

War Horse
Not shown in the film, Albert and Joey forge an unbreakable bond by sharing Garrett Popcorn.
Popcorn Picks Rating: 16/20

Get ready with Garrett for the awards this Sunday, February 26. Regardless of which nominees claim the awards this year, Garrett Popcorn and movies is always a winning combination!

Jan 112012

Popcorn Picks weighs in on the Golden Globe Awards with our “Best in Snack” predictions for Best Motion Picture – Drama, Best Motion Picture – Comedy or Musical and Best Animated Feature Film.

Popcorn Picks’ predictions for “Best Indulgence” are based on two categories:
Crunch Factor on a scale from 1 (might as well be a silent film) to 10 (totally crunchtastic)
Crowd Control on a scale from 1 (massive movie night) to 10 (couples-only crowd)

Best Motion Picture – Drama
Best Indulgence: Moneyball
Crunch Factor
The quest of the A’s general manager to form the perfect winning team takes you and your gourmet popcorn on snacking highs and lows. How could that combination of players not have performed as expected? Lean on a tin of gourmet popcorn for moral support. The classic combination of popcorn and baseball keeps you snacking with a Crunch Factor of 7.
Crowd Control
The A’s general manager turns to a Yale economist to evaluate the worth of a team’s group dynamics. Though not a graduate of an Ivy league, Popcorn Picks advises you to choose cinema-mates that will support all of your goals whether they revolve around CaramelCrisp® or CheeseCorn™. With a Crowd Control rating of 5, bring a date or a group of friends that’s ready to play ball!

Best Motion Picture – Comedy or Musical
Best Indulgence: Midnight in Paris
Crunch Factor
While it’s not every day that you end up at parties with famous authors and poets, Midnight in Paris lets you dance among the bourgeoisie with a hand full of Chicago Mix. Crunch along to the syncopated beats of Gil’s nighttime escapades and your snacking will go unnoticed. Snacking, like jazz, is smooth and easy with a Crunch Factor of 6.
Crowd Control
Midnight in Paris is saturated with love, poetry and art. Will you hold cheesy hands already? Snacking is love with a Crowd Control of 10!

Best Animated Feature Film
Best Indulgence: Rango
Crunch Factor
Mistaken as a legendary sheriff destined to save the town from a terrible drought, Rango finds himself desperately trying to prove his heroic worth. The wacky antics of this reckless chameleon bring one adventure after another, offering you plenty of opportunities to cheer for Rango while crunching on CaramelCrisp®.  Snack freely with a Crunch Factor of 8, but hold onto your cowboy hats — the wild west is lurking with dangers for critters under 8″ tall.
Crowd Control
These desert creatures would do anything for one drop of sweet, cool water, even if it means taking what isn’t rightfully theirs. Steer clear from friends who have overeager eyes for your gourmet popcorn. Stake your claim early and protect your territory’s assets. Popcorn Picks gives Rango a Crowd Control score of 4, reminding you that true heroes travel only with a trustworthy pack.

Popcorn Picks Recommendation
Movies are hardly complete without popcorn. Watch the Golden Globes on Sunday, January 15 with a tin of gourmet popcorn, and give the winners a cheesy round of applause!