Aug 292014

We can all agree that Garrett Popcorn is “Priceless,” which is exactly why we teamed up with MasterCard to treat our lovely friends in Chicago along Michigan Avenue last week.

We teamed up with MasterCard to share our Handcrafted Happiness in Chicago last week as part of the MasterCard Priceless Chicago event on the Magnificent Mile!

MasterCard Priceless Chicago

For an hour each day, we surprised MasterCard customers on Michigan Avenue with a complimentary Bag of our Garrett Mix. Our fans were thrilled to be treated with a complimentary snack as they strolled down the Magnificent Mile. Customers also received a complimentary upgrade from a Medium Bag to a Large Bag when they visited a Garrett Popcorn Shop – truly a PRICELESS experience!

If you weren’t able to join us last week, remember that you can visit one of our Shops or order on our new website to have your own PRICELESS experience any day of the week!

Mar 132014

Today is Popcorn Lovers Day, and we’re going NUTS with excitement!

So much so that we had the lovely Mike and Tara of out to our Michigan Avenue Shop to help us celebrate.

Here’s a run down from their blog about their experience with Garrett Popcorn:

“In honor of Popcorn Lovers DayGarrett Popcorn treated us lovers to a sweet-and-salty kissingtour of its Michigan Avenue store. We enjoyed meeting staff as they bagged orders for excited popcorn patrons, some whose first stop in Chicago is the family-owned shop, established 1949. Like excited 5th graders on a field trip, we asked lots of questions. We learned they use old-fashioned copper kettles and hot air pop their kernels. The rest is a big secret. They won’t give it up. To keep us from pressing, they fed us samples of The Chicago Mix and Plain too, because we’re popcorn purists.”

Mike and Tara of celebrate Popcorn Lovers Day at our Michigan Ave Shop


How will you be making merry on Popcorn Lovers Day today?

Share your stories with us below in the comments.

Aug 112011

UPDATE! Today’s time has changed to 11:00am-2:00pm. We hope to see you sooner!

AOL Editions | Photo courtesy of AOL

AOL Editions

Editions by AOL is a free digital magazine app that curates web articles based personal preference and interest. On Friday and Saturday, AOL is rolling into town with their mobile tour experience so people can try the newly launched iPad app and experience Editions.

To make things even more exciting, they will also give away vouchers for free bags of Garrett Popcorn. Clear off your schedule to try the app AND enjoy our gourmet popcorn. Here are the details:

Friday Michigan Avenue Stop
Ohio & Michigan

Saturday Navy Pier Stop
Compass Rose at Navy Pier

Hope to see you there!