Oct 042013



Have you heard? Garrett Popcorn Shops is opening in London! We couldn’t be more excited to establish roots across the pond with our UK friends! The details of our Shop opening are still top secret at this point, but we have shared our Chicago Mix with a few of our favorite bloggers, such as Diary of a Jewellery Lover, Mother Distracted, and London Bird Lucy. Check out our blog coverage below, or visit their blogs for the full scoop!





Football Prep: Get Your Popcorn Game-face On

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Oct 232011
Prepping a Chicago Bears Tin

Prepping a Chicago Bears Tin

The Chicago Bears started their game prep with a plane ride to London. They play the Tampa Bay Buccaneers today at Wembly Stadium. My prep started when I picked up a Chicago Bears tin at our 26 West Randolph shop. While I’m sure the Bears players are still adjusting to jet lag, I’ve had to resist this tin of gourmet popcorn all week. It’s tough out there.

We both face our challenges at 12 noon CST. Go Bears!