May 012013

Tulips POP up

It’s May 1st and tulips are popping up, reminding us that it’s time to make plans for Mother’s Day, graduations, Basketball and Hockey plaoyffs, baseball games and more!

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Feb 282013

Blackhawks Popcorn Tin

We salute the Chicago Blackhawks on their record-breaking start to the NHL season! And a second salute to the game-time traditions of fans everywhere!

We asked a few of our employees what they do to help their favorite team:

  • “If someone says the Hawks are going to win, I knock on wood.” — Jack A.
  • “During the games, I lift my imaginary hockey stick to give the players an edge.” — Alexa T.
  • “We sit in the same seats. If our team loses, we switch seats for the next game.” — Dan K.
  • “My brother holds the same puck during each game.” — Emily S.
  • “I yell advice to the players during the game. If they took of their helmets, I’m sure they could hear me.” — Kevin F.
  • “I wear the same jersey.” — Ken M.
  • “I turn the TV on and off five times before each game. It seems to work!” — Tammy G.
  • “I don’t watch. They do better when I avoid the game.” — Mardi S.
  • “I eat the same food every game. Chicago Mix!” — Kim T.

What do you do to keep the streak alive?