…it could be a hint.

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Apr 302012

When Mom listens to the sounds of the hot-air popper on her mp3 player… it could be a hint.

Facebook and Twitter fans have noticed a growing trend of Moms leaving a little “hint hint” for Garrett Popcorn. Check out what Moms are requesting as Mother’s Day approaches.

Sharon: Triple Mix; Butter, Cheese & Carmel shaken real good!! And a good Lifetime movie!
Peggy: Yes, wish i could have a bucket of Garett caramel popcorn for mother’s day present even in Tokyo.

How is your mom hinting for Garrett Popcorn? Leave a comment on the blog or let us know on Twitter with hashtag #HintHint!

Is Mom leaving hints?

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Apr 272012

How can you tell what Mom’s got on her mind? We found a few clues that lead us to think it could be Garrett Popcorn.

  • When Mom starts using a Garrett Popcorn tin as a purse, it could be a hint.
  • When the “Honey-Do” list becomes the “Honey-I-Want-Chicago-Mix” list, it could be a hint.
  • When Mom replaces your baby photos with pictures of Garrett Popcorn, it could be a hint.
  • When Mom hugs you and you’re left with cheesy fingerprints, it could be a hint.

How does your Mom drop hints? Clue us in! Leave a comment on the blog or send a Tweet to @GarrettPopcorn with the hashtag #HintHint.