Exclusive Interview with Team Chicago Mix

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Jul 312012

Team Chicago Mix is headed to the Garrett Games! We know they’re special Garrett kernels, but when did they first discover their talents? Read on for a special Q&A session with CaramelCrisp® and CheeseCorn™.

Q: When did you first see signs of your popping talents?

CheeseCorn™: I remember this one time at practice, watching one of the older kernels execute a cheese tumbler routine. I thought about one of his moves, did it, and really impressed my coach. After that, I thought, “Hey, maybe I can go to the Garrett Games one day too.”

CaramelCrisp®: I was kind of a late bloomer. I often didn’t place at competitions, but one day everything just clicked and I knew that my place was in the copper kettle. Once I knew that, I really found my passion to return day after day.

Q: What pop songs fire you up before a competition?

CheeseCorn™: Like my teammate Buttery, I also love “Pop It” by the Blue Striped Cheese. I tumble like a champ after listening to that one!

CaramelCrisp®: *Laughs* It’s kind of a guilty pleasure…It’s “Pop” by ‘N Sweet. I’m not gonna hear the end of this from my friends.

Q: What advice do you have for other aspiring Garrett kernels?

CheeseCorn™: Life throws a lot of curve balls at you, and you need to have a solid support group. I feel so fortunate because the Garrett Family always has your back. Remembering that has been the most helpful thing when training gets hard.

CaramelCrisp®: Integrity. That’s the defining factor of a Garrett kernel – past, present and future. Be true to yourself and the rest will follow.

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Jul 292012

Garrett Fans who snack together, stay together! In honor of the Garrett Games, show off your synchronized Chicago Mix shake, swoop ‘n’ crunch, and high toss. Submit your photo and be featured on our Facebook page!

Eternal Tin Relay Races to You

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Jul 262012

The 2012 Eternal Tin Relay has traveled through Chicago, New York, Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong. On the journey to the Garrett Games, the Eternal Tin makes one more stop at a special destination: you.

Participate in the action of the Garrett Games side-by-side with your very own Eternal Tin.Visit us in-Shops or online to celebrate and bring home the Garrett flavors!