Share Your Crafty Sayings

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Jun 172013

Crafty Sayings

You, our passionate and loyal fans are an important part of Garrett Popcorn Shops history. After all, the notion of mixing savory CheeseCorn™ and sweet CaramelCrisp® together was a fan creation that resulted in The Chicago Mix. We want to continue the tradition by inviting you to share your ideas for the next clever saying that will be featured on our Signature Stripes™ craft bags. The winning sayings will appear around the globe and online.

We’ll collect your ideas throughout the week and then sift out the choicest kernels. Selected sayings will be shared online the following week. Return to cast your vote for your favorites and potentially the next famous saying. Winning submissions will receive special thanks via Twitter and Facebook.

Each saying should include a two-part phrase, be original, tasteful and enjoyable for Garrett Popcorn fans around the world. Here are a few examples:

To Share / Not to Share
From Me / To Me
Flavor Friends / Taste Buds


Share your crafty slogan before June 24th, 2013 online at You may enter as many times as you’d like.