Spreading our Handcrafted Happiness on Happy Friday at Crusher’s Club

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Jul 242014

Every month, Garrett Popcorn Shops Team Members visit a Chicago neighborhood to share our Handcrafted Happiness with fans (and soon to be fans!) for what we call #HappyFriday…

When we met President and Founder Sally Hazelgrove of Crusher’s Club at Tina Brown’s Women in the World event this spring, we knew we had to team up with her and host a #HappyFriday event at her gym. Crusher’s Club is a Chicago community organization that restores high risk youth to a path of maturity by using boxing, peer mentoring and music to teach respect, discipline, ownership and love.

Sally Hazelgrove at Women in the World

When our Team headed out of the office for #HappyFriday and arrived at the former church on 64th Street, we found Sally smiling ear to ear upon our arrival. She greeted us with open arms, as did all of the members of the Crusher’s Club. It instantly became a #HappyFriday for us all!

Crusher's Club

The Crusher’s Club members welcomed us into their training facility and music studio and then gave us the grand tour of the church. We absolutely adored their handcrafted signs and posters that encourage leadership, creativity and greatness, and we also enjoyed hearing the story of how Crusher’s Club came to be. They are transforming and inspiring dreamers through boxing and music – how cool!



The young folks of Crusher’s Club were thrilled to have our Garrett Popcorn Team on site and jumped in the ring to show us a few moves. Just as exciting was that the Voices of Englewood (featuring Crusher’s Club members) gave a VIP performance in the ring with their very own handcrafted tunes! Their words and talent were Like No Other and really touched our hearts. They even made up their very own “Garrett Popcorn Dance!”

“Just be patient, work hard and you will make it… lower your gun, it takes a nation of million to come together as one.”- Voices of Englewood in “I wanna Live”


We wanted to share this kernel of happiness with you, as we applaud Sally and all the young people of Crusher’s Club for all the hard work they are doing to make a positive impact in the world!

Keep up the great work and thanks for being fans of Garrett Popcorn Shops®!


“Just be patient, work hard and you will make it… lower your gun, it takes a nation of million to come together as one.”- Voices of Englewood in “I Wanna Live”

To learn more about the Crusher’s Club, visit http://crushersclub.org and be sure to view more photos of our visit on Facebook.

Garrett Popcorn for the First Day of School!

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Aug 262013

Garrett Popcorn and Altgeld Elementary

August 26, 2013 marked the first day of school for Chicago Public Schools, and Garrett Popcorn helped celebrate the fun and calm those first day jitters by surprising one lucky school with a special treat! Our Garrett crew spent the day at Altgeld Elementary, handing out complimentary bags of our Chicago Mix to children after lunch.

Rows of Garrett Popcorn ready for the kids!

Altgeld Elementary is located in the Englewood community of Chicago and has approximately 700 students that range from pre-kindergarten to 8th grade. The school recently doubled in size this year and added several new programs when it merged with Wentworth Elementary, and Garrett teamed up with Principal Dina Everage and her staff to welcome new and returning students in a fun-filled way. Said Principal Everage:

It is important for us to keep a positive culture for the students here at Altgeld. When the students have fun surprises and events to get them excited, it helps increase their desire to learn, and that’s what we’re all about. We are really looking forward to a great school year!”

The afternoon was a great success, brimming with smiles and laughter as the children received their Chicago Mix. Check out a few more photos below, and good luck to all those participating in the new 2013/2014 school year everywhere!

A Student Receives Garrett Popcorn

Garrett team member Alyssa gives a bag of the Chicago Mix to a student


Garrett Popcorn with Altgeld Students

Garrett Popcorn for kids of all ages!