Nov 072012

Obama Wins Election Tin Congratulations to President Obama on yesterday’s victory! Celebrate your political savvy with a landslide of The Chicago Mix! For great taste, accept no margin of error.

Want to know if fans of The Chicago Mix predicted the outcome of the presidential election? See the results via the Garrett Election Results!

Nov 052012

Garrett Election Popcorn Tin

Whether you’re watching the returns or returning for more Chicago Mix, there’s still time to cast your vote for the limited edition Garrett Election Tin!

Pop into a local Shop for your choice of an Obama or Romney tin lid today!

Oct 302012

Election Tin | Garrett Popcorn Shops

Since The Garrett Election Tin debut, The Chicago Mix fans have voted in record numbers. According to the latest Garrett Live Results, Obama leads over Romney by 18%. Whether your candidate is ahead in the polls or in need of a landslide, you have until Tuesday to make a difference. Vote today!

Check The Latest Garrett Election “Live Results!”