Mar 032012
Crate and Barrel

Better than champagne?

Planning a wedding? Then join Garrett Popcorn Shops at the Michigan Avenue Crate and Barrel (646 N. Michigan Avenue) for their wedding registry events. On upcoming Sunday mornings in April, May and June, you can tour the store, register for wedding gifts, and speak to a Garrett Popcorn wedding consultant about designing a popcorn bar for your happy day.

To join an event, please call (312) 787-5900 for registration.

Crate and Barrel

Popcorn and cocktails

To give you some ideas about how to use gourmet popcorn in your celebration, we brought tins of CaramelCrisp®, CheeseCorn™ and The Chicago Mix to Crate & Barrel to garnish the classy, swanky and cozy tabletop arrangements in the store. It’s hard to pick a favorite!

Crate and Barrel

Popcorn and coffee

If you can’t make it to Sunday’s event, then browse wedding options on the Garrett Popcorn site or call (866) 676-7267. We’re happy to assist you.

Oct 172011
Pumpkin CaramelCrisp | Crate & Barrel

The Perfect Mix for Fall!

You know Garrett Popcorn tastes great, but it also looks amazing! The folks at Crate & Barrel set a table of autumn accents and beautiful glassware then invited us to showcase a few tins of Cheesecorn™, CaramelCrisp® and Pumpkin CaramelCrisp® in their Michigan Avenue store. We think you’ll agree, it’s the perfect accent for a Fall party.

Pumpkin CaramelCrisp | Crate & Barrel

Brighten your table with fresh Garrett Popcorn!

If you’re interested in seeing our popcorn in action, Crate & Barrel (646 N. Michigan Avenue) will host a Wedding Party on October 23. See their site for registration details. At the event, you’ll be able to tour the store, register for your wedding, and discover local companies. You will also be able to speak to a Garrett Popcorn wedding specialist and register for a chance to win a tin of The Chicago Mix. Hope to see you there!