Watch Global Intellect become a “Mural in Minutes”

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Jan 162012

Last November, artist Rahmaan Statik created a piece for the new Garrett Popcorn Shop® at 737 East 87th Street. It took two weeks to finish Global Intellect, but you can watch the mural unfold in this five minute time lapse video.

If you have trouble viewing, the video is available on Youtube here.

Dec 232011
Opening Day at 87th/Cottage Grove

First customer Legerald Rice and his wife Telesa pose with the Garrett team

Congratulations to Legerald Rice, the first customer at the new Garrett Popcorn Shop at 737 East 87th Street! Rice showed up at 6:45 yesterday morning and stood in line for over four hours before we opened the doors for customers.

As a thank you for supporting us at our new location, Rice received a package which included a one gallon Signature Blue tin of our famous Chicago Mix, a commemorative photo of the Global Intellect mural signed by Rahmaan Statik, a gift card, Chocolate Covered CaramelCrisp® with Almonds, a red and white striped Garrett holiday scarf and Santa hat, a Garrett Popcorn Shop® fleece and long-sleeved t-shirt, and other assorted goodies.

Again, thanks to Rice and to all our fans who came to support our opening day!