Hey batter, batter! Celebrate Opening Day

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Apr 012013

Opening Day of Baseball

Whether your idea of a cross-town rivalry is Cubs vs. White Sox, or a tastier match-up with CaramelCrisp® and CheeseCorn™, we’re sure this rite of Spring will satisfy fans everywhere. Let’s play ball!

Blackhawks: Hot Streaks & Game-time Traditions!

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Feb 282013

Blackhawks Popcorn Tin

We salute the Chicago Blackhawks on their record-breaking start to the NHL season! And a second salute to the game-time traditions of fans everywhere!

We asked a few of our employees what they do to help their favorite team:

  • “If someone says the Hawks are going to win, I knock on wood.” — Jack A.
  • “During the games, I lift my imaginary hockey stick to give the players an edge.” — Alexa T.
  • “We sit in the same seats. If our team loses, we switch seats for the next game.” — Dan K.
  • “My brother holds the same puck during each game.” — Emily S.
  • “I yell advice to the players during the game. If they took of their helmets, I’m sure they could hear me.” — Kevin F.
  • “I wear the same jersey.” — Ken M.
  • “I turn the TV on and off five times before each game. It seems to work!” — Tammy G.
  • “I don’t watch. They do better when I avoid the game.” — Mardi S.
  • “I eat the same food every game. Chicago Mix!” — Kim T.

What do you do to keep the streak alive?