Dec 232012

Tins the Season

We’re back with more holly, jolly classics with a popcorn twist! Have your own lyrics to throw into the mix? Join the fun on Twitter!

♬Taste buds zing
Are you sampling?
In the Shop,
Cheese is glistening.
A beautiful sight.
We’re snackin’ tonight.
Crunchin’ in a winter wonderland♬

♬We wish you a cheesy Christmas
We wish you a cheesy Christmas
We wish you a cheesy Christmas
And a popcorn-y new year!♬

♬Jolly news for Garrett fans
Lean your ears this way
Crunching The Chicago Mix
Keeps winter blues at bay♬

Dec 142012

Popcorn Carols

Join us on Twitter for cheesy renditions of these holiday classics:

♬You know Dasher and Dancer
Prancer and Vixen
Buttery and CaramelCrisp® and CheeseCorn™
We’re mixin’♬

♬Up on the housetop
Snack, Snack, Snack
Down thru the chimney with a Shorty Pack!♬

♬Its beginning to smell a lot like Garrett
Everywhere I go
Take a look in a shop and then
Tasting once again
CheeseCorn™ all aglow♬

Have a favorite popcorn carol? Please share or follow along via the #PopcornCarols hashtag!