May 242013

Crosstown Double Header

If your sports fans are divided between the White Sox and Cubs, bring them together with the winning combination of CaramelCrisp® and CheeseCorn™. We pair The Chicago Mix in two 1 gallon Comiskey Park and Wrigley Field tins, proving that some rivalries bring fans closer together.

Shipping for the Double Header is including in the price. Order yours here.

If you’re a purist, try the Northside Double Play for Cubs fans or the Southside Double Play for White Sox fans.

Which ever you choose, you know it’s time to play ball!

Jun 052012

Garrett KettleCorn and The Chicago Mix Bundle

Popcorn Hero Your Hero can do anything with the unstoppable flavors of
Garrett KettleCorn and The Chicago Mix. Join Pop in action as he enjoys the dynamic duo of salty and sweet in one great bite.

Crunch and done!

Enjoy $4.95 UPS ground shipping through June 17, 2012 with promo code POP2012. Enter at check-out.