Feb 272012

The stars of the red carpet on Sunday night were not only CaramelCrisp®, CheeseCorn™ and The Chicago Mix, but also the tins of Garrett Popcorn. Check out who topped Popcorn Picks’ Best-Dressed List in 2012!

  • Signature Blue Tin
  • Signature Celebrate Tin
  • Signature Fall Tin
  • Signature Pink Tin
  • Signature Silver and Gold Tin
  • Signature Snowflake Tin

Signature Blue Tin
The Signature Blue Tin’s ensemble delivered the suave style that’s made him famous. With clean lines and a classic color scheme, the tin’s urbane attitude immediately attracted the attention of popcorn-razzi.

Signature Celebrate Tin
Despite her party girl reputation, the Signature Celebrate Tin always means business when it comes to fashion. Each of her carefully placed ribbon curls framed her winsome smile as she pranced into the awards theater.

Signature Fall Tin
Read between the stripes and you’ll see that the Signature Fall Tin is ready to take the world of popcorn by storm. His deliberate demeanor and bold, striped tuxedo made a statement on the red carpet this year.

Signature Pink Tin
No one can deny the allure of the Signature Pink Tin, the Garrett red carpet sweetheart. Her coy smile radiated against her dress’s rosé palette, and even the toughest men felt weak at her passing. Look for tins around the world to echo her fashion sense throughout the year.

Signature Silver and Gold Tin
This young ingenue is flirty and fresh in silver and gold stripes. Sparkling from the moment she arrived, the lively starlet stole the hearts of movie and fashion critics alike on Sunday.

Signature Snowflake Tin
Yet another great appearance on Sunday by the Signature Snowflake Tin proves that she’s no one-hit wonder. She graced the red carpet with a voluminous sparkling gown and a twinkle in her eye to match.