Mar 252014

It’s Nut CaramelCrisp Month at Garrett Popcorn!

What is your favorite variety of Nut CaramelCrisp? Is it Almond? What about Cashew? Or Pecan? Maybe even some Macadamia Madness? We’d love to know!

Nut CaramelCrisp Month

Be sure to stop by your nearest Shop this month and enjoy some Nut CaramelCrisp before March comes to an end. Or you can always order a delicious Tin from our online Shop.

Feb 162012

National Almond Day

Did you know that today is National Almond Day? Why not get your nut intake with Almond CaramelCrisp® from Garrett Popcorn Shops®! We guarantee this blend of roasted almonds with classic CaramelCrisp® will spoil your taste buds, and leave you wondering why every day isn’t a nutty celebration.