Celebrate at 500 W. Madison!

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Mar 202013
500 West Madison

Visit 500 West Madison on the 2nd floor of Citigroup Center

We invite customers to share in the 7th anniversary celebration of our 500 West Madison Shop. Pop in between noon and 2 p.m. on March 20 for a complimentary treat size serving of The Chicago Mix. Good at this location only.

Crystal & Geneva

Crystal loves Cashew CaramelCrisp® and Geneva is a CheeseCorn™ fan.

Meet the People Behind the Pop!

We asked Crystal E., the manager of 500 West Madison, to share what she likes most about working at this Shop, “We get to meet different people all the time. During the week we have the regulars, and on the weekend people take the train in from Michigan, St. Louis and Indiana to events downtown. It’s all about the conversation with them — we become tour guides for the city.”

“I also like the vibe of this location. How everyone works together, and helps each other out. Everyone [who works here] knows how to shake, cook and cashier. We work as a team,” says Crystal.

“It’s very fast paced and everyone’s friendly,” agrees Supervisor Geneva K., “Everyone is like family here.”

When asked what she likes best about her Shop, Geneva shared, “Seeing the people come off the train. People that never tasted Garrett Popcorn before get excited about it. People smell it when they come off the train, find us and experience The Chicago Mix for the first time.”

Bertha at 500 West Madison

Bertha B. has been with Garrett Popcorn Shops® for over 18 years.

Bertha B., a cook at Garrett Popcorn Shops for more than 18 years, mentioned her brushes with fame at the Shop, “I’ve seen a lot of famous people. Bill Cosby and the kids who played on the show. Some of the Indiana Pacers used to come through here. Jesse Jackson. Tyra [Banks] used to come with her entourage — her body guards standing by the car. Tyra would have a jogging suit on with a hood, but you knew it was her when she turned around.”

“It’s the every day excitement of customers that I like,” says Geneva. “A couple of weeks ago a customer who saw us on TV was really ecstatic about our appearance. Everyone behind her in line picked up on her enthusiasm and got excited, too. She bought a lot to take home, took pictures of me and the Shop and she’s going to come back and order online. I like seeing that. It was really nice.”

Thanks to Crystal, Geneva and Bertha for sharing. We hope you can pop in to visit them and the rest of the friendly staff at 500 West Madison!

Grab and Go at 500 West Madison

Grab a bag of your favorite treat!