Treats for the Troops!

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Dec 162011


This weekend, Garrett Popcorn Shops® will partner with the USO of Illinois to support our troops during the U. S. Armed Forces annual Holiday Mass Exodus, December 16-18, 2011. Members of our military who transfer through O’Hare will enjoy gourmet popcorn at the USO airport lounges as well as 15% off at either the Terminal 1 or Terminal 3 Shops.

It’s our honor to support our brave military men and women and all they do to support our country!

Dec 152011

In celebration of 2011, Garrett Popcorn Shops® brings you 11 reasons to gift with gourmet popcorn this holiday season.

  1. Santa gets tired of milk & cookies.
  2. Cheese logs are out. CheeseCorn™ is in!
  3. More festive than a tacky holiday sweater.
  4. Half eaten tins = maracas
  5. Your boss has enough mugs.
  6. $4.95 shipping promo TINS2011T (US only) means Chicago Mix for everyone on your “nice” list!
  7. The Little Drummer Boy likes to play the Garrett Signature Silver & Gold Tin.
  8. Crunchy CaramelCrisp® is a great remedy for the winter sniffles*.
  9. Chicago Mix vs. Fruitcake. You choose the winner.
  10. There’s no need to gift wrap these beautiful holiday tins!
  11. Leave your mark on 2011 with cheesy fingers!

*This statement is not intended to replace a one-on-one relationship with a health practitioner.