Dec 012011

Hop onto Santa’s sleigh with Popcorn Picks for Hong Kong Flicks to find out if snacking during Arthur Christmas 3D (亞瑟少爺救聖誕) puts you on the naughty or nice list.

The compatibility of snacking with your film is based on two categories:
Crunch Factor on a scale from 1 (might as well be a silent film) to 10 (totally crunchtastic)
Crowd Control on a scale from 1 (massive movie night) to 10 (couples-only crowd)

Crunch Factor
Jingling bells, the zooming of Santa’s sleigh and the clamoring of elves fill the crisp air throughout Arthur Christmas. He only has one night to save Christmas for one special child, and a silent night is not his priority. This movie’s Crunch Factor of 8 enables you and Arthur to ensure that Christmas snacking proceeds in good spirits.

Crowd Control
In the spirit of the giving season, consider sharing your gourmet popcorn with loved ones. Did someone treat you to the movies? Perhaps you should treat them to Garrett Popcorn! The holidays are not a time to be selfish, so Popcorn Picks rates this movie’s Crowd Control with a “Ho Ho Ho-5!”

Popcorn Picks Recommendation
With a tin of Garrett Popcorn in hand, you are ready for a true Arthur Christmas adventure. Crunch happily and share liberally with friends – you never know who may be watching.

Showtimes for Arthur Christmas
Palace IFC Cinema
8 Finance St Podium L1, IFC Mall