Mar 252012

The Simpsons 500th Episode Tin | Chicago Mix

Why not add The Chicago Mix in The Simpsons 500th episode tin to your Sunday evening? The combination of CheeseCorn™, CaramelCrisp® and laughter is sure to liven up your couch time.

To make your Sunday even sweeter, enjoy $4.95 UPS Ground shipping on The Simpsons 500th Episode tin now through March 31, 2012!

  2 Responses to “Mix up your Sunday evening with Garrett Popcorn!”

  1. My entire Family grew up eating popcorn. It spread to our kids, our grandkids and husbands & wives. And i mean we all LOVE POPCORN!! It is a FAMILY TRADITION to us. Memory: my uncles & aunts would come over to play POKER with my mom at our house, and my uncle would make this enormous bowl of popcorn and there were so many of us kids, he would make cones with newspaper and he would fill them with POPCORN for us!! We all sat in front of the Black & White TV and watched Twilight Zone on Fridays along with the Honeymooners at 10pm!!! Now my little grandbabies LOVE popcorn so much they love to mix it in a HUGE bowl with Hot Cheetos, chips, and they sprinkle with Cheddar Salt sprinkle and they drink a ice cold water! i love all this too, but…….I ESPECIALLY LOVE YOUR TIN OF “GARRETT POPCORN CHEDDAR CHEESE & CARAMEL CRISP”!!! I would love to win, especially cause i have recently lost the ability to walk, see i have MD so i can’t get to the store to buy any, but if i win or you know even if i don’t, i will be ordering for delivery, yep that is what i will be doing…i just wish it wasn’t so expensive to deliver or even the price, but your worth it…i just live on a disability income, and for people like us, the government doesn’t care if we don’t get to treat ourselves in life, so we try to scrimp and save for the real good things in life, and for me popcorn is worth it..thank you so very much for having a contest that we can at least try …

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