Jul 292010

At Garrett Popcorn we spend a lot of time thinking about our favorite treat (we know a lot about what it takes to make great popcorn). As we work, we come across loads of fun facts, too. Some of it we might already know and some of it takes us by surprise. Below is a little pop(corn) quiz so you can test your knowledge as well!
Did you know?

  • Sears, Roebuck & Co. sold corn poppers for the home at 8¢ each and sold 25 lbs. of popping corn on the cob for 5¢.
  • Some of the popcorn flavorings used during the mid 1800s – 1920: orange & lemon juice, rose, peppermint, honey, vanilla, molasses and sugar.
  • In the 19th century, a method for making popcorn was to pour kernels of corn into a kettle full of lard. When the corn popped and surfaced, it was skimmed off the top.
  • The first time popcorn was mentioned in a cookbook was in 1846.
  • One of the largest popcorn balls ever made in 1996. It was 12 feet in diameter and used 2000 pounds of popcorn to create.
  • The first popcorn machine was invented by Charles Cretors of Chicago, Illinois in 1885.

Did we surprise you with any one in particular? Maybe we should add another line which states, The Garrett Mix® was created in 1977 after one of our customers requested a mix between our CaramelCrisp® and Cheesecorn™ flavors. The rest is gourmet popcorn history…

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  1. I hope that the customer (me) who asked for the mix was recommended for a lifetime supply…..

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