Dec 232011

The extraordinary Ethan Hunt returns again in Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol (鬼影行動). Can he redeem his reputation? Is Garrett Popcorn the perfect sidekick for this movie? Find out with Popcorn Picks.

Popcorn Picks rates the compatibility of snacking with your movie based on two categories:
Crunch Factor on a scale from 1 (might as well be a silent film) to 10 (totally crunchtastic)
Crowd Control on a scale from 1 (massive movie night) to 10 (couples-only crowd)

Crunch Factor
Nonstop action and adventure translate to nonstop crunching for you! The only snag in snacking may come when your mouth is hanging open in disbelief at our hero’s capabilities. His intrepid quest wins Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol a crunchalicious 9 for Crunch Factor!

Crowd Control
The life of a spy is filled with mysteries, but don’t let your companions’ motives be one of them. Surround yourself with friends whose hands are clean and unsullied from stealing your gourmet popcorn.  With a Crowd Control rating of 3, you may want to run a background check before choosing your crew.

Popcorn Picks Recommendation
You can’t have too much of a good thing. Watch the fourth installment of this classic caper with a classic snack that’ll also have you coming back for more, Garrett Popcorn!

Showtimes for Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol
Palace IFC Cinema
8 Finance St Podium L1, IFC Mall

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