Nov 042011

Movies and Garrett Popcorn go “cheesy hand in cheesy hand.” But don’t wander into the Palace IFC Cinema without first considering how a bag of gourmet popcorn might factor into your experience. Let Popcorn Picks for Hong Kong Flicks be your guide.

Popcorn Picks scoring is broken down into two categories:
Crunch Factor on a scale from 1 (might as well be a silent film) to 10 (totally crunchtastic)
Crowd Control on a scale from 1 (massive movie night) to 10 (couples-only crowd)

This weekend’s Popcorn Pick: Crazy Stupid Love (熟男型不型)
Crunch Factor
Only casually dipping into the struggles behind relationships, this romantic comedy offers plenty of carefree munching opportunities. Take caution when characters have introspective moments and conversations. Your fellow movie goers would rather enjoy the movie soundtrack over your crunching accolades of Garrett Popcorn. The highs and lows of Crazy Stupid Love earns a Crunch Factor score of 6 – snack freely, but tactfully.

Crowd Control
Crazy Stupid Love offers both humorous and touching moments. It’s a good choice for a group outing, but a better choice for date night. You may be compelled to hold hands, despite your cheesy fingers. Besides, only one other person means more of The Chicago Mix for you. It’s a great choice for a date, also great with friends…but only if you like sharing. This movie gets an 8 for Crowd Control.

Popcorn Picks’ Recommendations
With a score of 14, you better bring a bag of gourmet popcorn big enough to share with your date. But wait, how are you getting it into the theater? Rumor has it that Garrett Popcorn has been making a number of special guest appearances at the Palace IFC Cinema, just down the corridor from the shop. Share your recommendations for Popcorn Picks on Facebook!

Enjoy your movie with the proper popcorn protocol. Tune in next week for more Popcorn Picks for Hong Kong Flicks!

Showtimes for Crazy Stupid Love
Palace IFC Cinema
8 Finance St Podium L1, IFC Mall

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