May 232012

Fellow Garrett Kernels,

Today we celebrate the momentous transition from corn to graduation silks. Let us begin the great journey to move past the fields we once knew and to pop into the next phase of our lives.

It would be rash if we did not take a few moments to salute those who have led us through our formative seasons. They taught us to stand tall in the stalks, to grow straight towards the sun, and to reap what we sow with hard work. We learned from them how to unite as a community and continually lift each other up into Garrett greatness.

With these lessons firmly planted in our hearts, we venture forth to face an unknown world beyond the fields. Some of us will develop into butterfly kernels, and others may bloom into mushroom kernels. Regardless of what form we take, we carry our core values with us wherever we may go: our true corny heritage, our tasty destiny to bring fluffy delight to the world, and our potential to blend into the best of flavors.

Let us always draw upon the strength of our roots and know that even in the face of adversity, it is in our design to be a signature blend of pure joy.

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