Jan 212013

Martin Luther King Jr. Day

As we take the day to reflect on Martin Luther King’s life and message, we asked a few employees to share what the day means to them personally…

“Many people don’t want to take risks, and he took a lot of risks for a good cause. Sometimes you may have to take risks to get things done, to get people to see things your way, and sometimes the risk that you take pays off. He laid the groundwork for the civil rights movement, new laws, for everything to get better. That willingness to take risks can be applied to our lives, the workplace, school, anything that can be on the path to something better. So Martin Luther King Day means a lot.”

–Sterling W. @ 625 N. Michigan

“Martin Luther King Day is a day that symbolizes that everyone is equal, and he fought for that equality. Not only him, there were tons of other people, and although the day recognizes him it means something to millions of people. That day is not just for him, it’s for everyone — not just black people or white people, it’s a day for everyone to be united.”

— Yoseph C. @ 625. North Michigan

“It’s a time to pause and reflect on history, civil rights in this country, how far we have come as a people and how far we still must go to realize Martin Luther King’s dream.”

–Mary Ann Y. @ Garrett Popcorn Shops HQ

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